Hello everyone! My name is Niku. I'm currently a high school student, working at becoming a professional artist later on. I love to draw, and I'm the kind of person who sits in the corner of the classroom sketching, shunning everybody else. I'm pretty much a total loner in real life, though I do have friends, but just about all of us are the kind of people that no normal person would want to hang around. Online, I'm a much more talkative/social person, albeit just as strange, but if you'd like, go ahead and send me a message. ^-^

As for my interests, like just about everyone else on this site, I love anime and manga. I've watched/read quite a bit over time, ranging from the girly romances, to the bloody and horrific thrillers. If you're ever in need of suggestions, just let me know what you like, and I can give you a couple of things to try. ;3

I'm also a huge fan of My Little Pony. I know that makes me a total geek, but it's true! I used to think it was just some little girls' show, and was getting pretty fed up with seeing it everywhere, but now that I've given it a chance, it's actually really amazing. Fluttershy FTW! heart