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The Devil you know.....

Real Name Lucifer Morningstar

Aliases The Devil, Samael, Belial

Relatives God (Father)
Amenadiel (brother)

Base Of Operations Los Angeles; formerly Hell, Heaven


Alignment Neutral

Identity Public Identity

Race Angel

Citizenship Hellion

Marital Status Single

Occupation Nightclub owner, Ruler of Hell (formerly)


Gender Male

Eyes Blue

Hair Black

Unusual Features: Large Angellic Wings (At will)


Place of Birth Heaven

Eons ago, Lucifer Morningstar rebelled against the Kingdom of Heaven, and was cast into a shapeless void known as the Chaoplasm. The Chaoplasm was transformed into a desolate and barren expanse known by many as Hell, the final destination for damned souls. Here Morningstar ruled, awaiting the day he could be freed.

Lucifer was forced to share his power after the Great Darkness's return. A Triumverate was formed, but Lucifer retained the majority of power.

At one point, Dream of the Endless entered Hell searching for the Helm that had been stolen from him when he was imprisoned. After Dream recovered his helm and slighted him, Morningstar threatened to destroy Dream.

Lucifer eventually abandoned his lordship over Hell. Lucifer had ruled as lord of Hell for ten billion years. Over that time, he had manipulated the various demons of Hell against each other, provided a place for dead mortals to be tormented, and led the war against Heaven. However, at some point during his rule, he had become bored with this existence. He became tired of the various stereotypes that mortals held of the devil, such as the idea that he purchased and traded for souls, which were largely untrue. He also resented the assumption that he caused the evils that humans did- he did not, in fact, have anything to do with the actions of the mortals who ended up there, he simply punished them. He had become tired of his reign over Hell, and felt it an unfair punishment that he should have to rule there forever simply because he once rebelled. These feelings were catalyzed when he was visited by Dream. Lucifer expelled all demons and damned souls from Hell before locking Hell's gates and handing over the key to Hell to Dream of the Endless. Eventually, control of Hell was handed over to two Angels, Duma (the angel of silence) and Remiel ("who stumbled rather than fell" ) , while Lucifer simply retired to Earth, specifically to Los Angeles, California..

Now running a piano bar called "Lux" in Los Angeles with the assistance of his Lilim female consort, Mazikeen, Lucifer is portrayed as sophisticated and almost charming, similar to the stereotypical Christian devil. Beneath his charisma, however, Lucifer is a deadly and Machiavellian being, with situational regard for human life or indeed any life other than those he can use to his advantage: a proud and vindictive fallen angel who has no qualms using powers second only to those of his father, Yahweh. In fact, Lucifer is described as having been the wisest, most beautiful and most powerful of all the angels in heaven, and he retains these traits even after his fall. Despite his egotistic and narcissistic tendencies, he does follow something akin to a code of honor- there are few beings in the universe he respects (his brother Michael and the Angel Duma among them) and only two he could be agued to care about (Mazikeen, his consort, and his "partner" Chloe Decker), though his actions on their behalf are almost always for his own benefit, and it is doubted by all that he would help them otherwise. He also refuses emphatically to lie (which he considers crass and undignified), insists on paying back debts, and keeps his word- though this must not be confused with virtue.

Lucifer's "restful" retirement was disturbed by a series of associates from his past, and various catalytic events. This puts him on a collision course with several powerful mystical entities that have a vested interest in the new creation and draws the angelic host into the fray - including his brother, the archangel Amenadiel


Nigh-Omnipotence: Lucifer is able to manipulate any external force for any effect he desires. He cannot, however, create something out of nothing; for this he needs the Demiurgic force of his brother Amenaiel. Together, Amenadiel and Lucifer are capable of creating anything from living beings to entire multiverses. His most common use of power is calling forth the fire of the various suns he used to birth and burning his opponents to ashes.

Absolute Immortality: Lucifer will never grow physically old and can live forever. He is billions of years old.

Energy Projection

Enhanced Intellect

Flight: Through the use of his large, angelic wings, Lucifer is able to fly.


Magic: Lucifer was able to cast a spell on a door, so that if a person opened it, it would unmake the rest of creation.

Matter Absorption

Pyrokinesis: Lucifer is able to generate and manipulate fire.
Thermal-Blast: Lucifer can generate blasts of flames at will.
Incineration: Lucifer can incinerate beings with his flames.

Dimensional Travel: By projecting flames from his hands, Lucifer is able to create portals to hell.

Reality Alteration: Lucifer is capable of altering reality at will.

Superhuman Stamina: Lucifer is able to function without rest or sleep.

Superhuman Strength: Lucifer is strong enough to throw a person into orbit.

Superhuman Speed: Lucifer has been said to be able to circle the planet before his image leaves your eye.

Soul Manipulation: As a psychopomp, Lucifer can choose the soul's destination if he kills a person or supernatural being (as a demon). He killed Musubi by her own will; she allowed it to free herself from Izanami's service.

Pheromone Control: Lucifer's presence lowers the inhibitions of everyone around him, inducing them to reveal their darkest secrets and desires, by simply asking. Lucifer can also easily make himself sexually irresistible to most women.

Telekinesis: Lucifer was capable of telekinetically flinging knives at goons, and slicing them into chunks.

Wings: As a fallen angel, Lucifer possesses large angelic wings.



Genius Level Intellect

Indomitable Will



Business Management

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)



Piano Playing



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Mockery Hamato
So i finish all three seasons, waiting for the fourth. I hope you come back soon. I miss talking to ya, its dead on here again, which means super boring. Anyway, hope ya come back and we can resume, i got a reply waiting for the one part. 💜
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Miss ya
Botanical Beauty Report | 01/03/2019 10:38 am
Botanical Beauty
Hope you are well, had a good New Years? On a completely random note, I started watching Lucifer, honestly didn’t know it was a thing until I saw it on Netflix.
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Reply done, posted. Yep, Ivy lost her s**t, even had to steal Lucifer for a thank you hug xD, though surprisingly still held it together, yep... Best... Garden... Ever :p.
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Ivy's going to lose her s**t when she sees his Garden, hers is impressive, but this is like THE Garden, of Gardens lol. The ultimate wine and dine lol.
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Well, I'm content it worked out that way smile and I'm glad you're enjoying yourself too. Had too even dress my avatar for the occasion xD I like how you kept the thread going by offering Ivy a job, good move.
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It's no problem :3 I haven't had much use for it, so I'm more then happy to give it to you. Lucifer needs his piano. Also I'll be working on a reply shortly, I'm enjoying myself immensely in the roleplay, thank you.
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Botanical Beauty
I don’t need it smile I’ll send the item to you hun smile
TlM DRAKE Report | 12/22/2018 12:17 pm
I have basically all but left this hellsite behind. I only come back to check my mail, in case someone needed something. There's nothing here for me beyond that.