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heart ~Morturi~ heart

Hai stalkers!

Muh name is Mori.
I'm 28.
I do not give out my real name, sorry, so don't ask.
My personal life is nobodies business, unless I favor you important enough to know more personal things about me.
I'm not here looking for rl relationships, however, I don't mind flirting or being socially romantic strictly gaia and only consider this if I am on a first name basis with said person, i.e. you are important to me.
I keep Gaia and all sites like Gaia separate from my personal life, like it or not, I personally don't care what you think
I'm laid back, down to earth, and very friendly for the most part.
I can be a b***h, so I would watch it.
If your looking for sugar coated sympathy, I'm probably not the one to come too. I am very opinionated and can be excruciatingly blunt.
I'm usually not the one to initiate communication. I normally sit on the side line watching everyone else, so if I'm AFK, 90% of the time I'm really not.
I am drama free, so if you got drama, take that s**t somewhere else, thanks!
I do not accept random adds, so if you try to add me before having at least a small conversation, it will be deleted.
Feel free to approach me in towns, I'll more than likely talk to you heart

I like black, red, pastel, dark, sexy, and kawaii stuffs. heart
And I'm grateful for every gift I receive, so if you wish to gift me, know that it will not go unappreciated, I don't have very many nice things to begin with (Not like most people on here). heart
I sincerely plan on returning the kindness given to me, and I'll never forget that kindness. heart

Oh, and one more thing.
Do not think that I'm going to entertain any provocative PMs or attempts at ERP just because I wear skimpy outfits sometimes.
It ain't gonna happen. So, yeah.

If you want to know about a specific item on my avi, don't be shy, just ask me!

heart As the skin splits and the blood seeps, you smile; a smile that holds nothing less than absolute love. heart

:3 Feel free to visit my store! :3



♥Love me!♥


- Silently Live My Day
- Neko Twintails
- Empress of Dragons
- Elder Empress of Dragons


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Haunted Moo Report | 07/11/2021 11:30 pm
free milkshakes owo'
Haunted Moo Report | 07/11/2021 11:26 pm
Kazuto Mikuri Report | 01/14/2021 11:57 am
Happy Belated Birthday Mori, Miss ya.
Kazuto Mikuri Report | 04/13/2020 6:55 pm
Hey! emotion_hug
Kazuto Mikuri Report | 03/21/2020 10:12 pm
How've you been?
Kazuto Mikuri Report | 03/16/2020 1:40 pm
Blodreina Dragomir Report | 12/11/2019 9:35 pm
Nice avi 3nodding
Flynn Cocco Report | 04/08/2018 4:32 pm
Hi User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I like your avatar User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I SUS purple Report | 02/27/2018 11:47 am
I just wanted to tell you that I really like your avi and I'm sorry I haven't responded to your pm
Kazuto Mikuri Report | 01/09/2018 8:18 pm
Happy Birthday!


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