Name is Jerusha
I'm 19 years old I'll turn 20 August 8th

You can follow me here on Instagram
Don't be a creep! You gotta ask for my fb

Hmm, I'm not really good at these but eh...
My favourite genre of music currently is Witch House, Cloud Rap and Vaporwave
and my hobbies include drawing, singing, and finding new music to listen to.

If you would like to know more go on and add me and let's talk!
I'm pretty friendly and kinda lonely anyways tbh :,<

You can find me in zomg and slots, sometimes towns 1 and 2.
I sometimes pop in the rally here and there.

Soo If you're really nosey here's dafuq I look like. I warn you I am trash ; w; k so don't go roastin me too hard i'm a soft marshmello mkay ;o ;

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Also here's something I did for a friend on gaia
initially for free but yeaa I do nice stuff like that sometimes for friends c:

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