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My Journal (no peaking) jk

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The Journal of L Lawliet

Ever wonder what L, from Death Note is thinking about read and find out!

The load down on me L Lawliet.

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Anime: Death Note
Sex: Male
Weight: 110 pounds
Height: 5 foot 10 inch's User Image
Birthday: October 31st
Last Age: 25
sexual orientation: N/A x_x

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About me L Lawliet

My name is L Lawliet and there is a 99% chance I am the true and real L.

I am considered the world's greatest detective. Through clever use of aliases, I am also known as the world's second- and third-greatest detectives, Eraldo Coil and Deneuve, respectively.My powers of deduction and insight allow me to draw conclusions from the smallest of clues. However I find myself second-guess everything I am presented with, o.k. I may be a tad meticulous and analytical.

I have several famous quirks such as preferring to crouch rather than sit, loving sweet foods like desserts and fruits, and holding items very delicately.

I am recluse. I only takes cases out of personal interest, as opposed to upholding a particular sense of justice. I communicates with the world through my assistant, caretaker, and father figure, Watari, by way of video conferencing.

When it becomes clear that the one known as Kira is responsible for the many heart attacks among the criminal population, I makes it his duty to bring him to justice. I quickly suspects that Light Yagami is Kira, but cannot obtain any concrete evidence. After having Light-kun join my investigation team to analyze him further, Light and my self's false persona soon we became close friends.

Although I cannot shake the conclusion that Light-kun is in fact the first Kira, Light is the only person I had ever identified or connected with, and I ... may have openly stated on one occasion that even though it would hurt my pride to admit that I am wrong, I truly hope that Light is not Kira.

Light manages to kill me by manipulating Rem into killing me for him, making her believe that she must kill him for the sake of Misa's life. During his final hours, I was depressed, mostly because he, somehow, knew that his death was drawing near. My last sight before death is Light triumphantly smiling over his defeated rival. In this moment I confirmed to himself that Light is the first Kira and I had been right all along.

Dream L

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I would love you forever if you were so kind...

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Submissive Heart Report | 11/19/2013 9:05 am
Submissive Heart
I am pretty sure you are not coming back considering that you are in fact dead. So it was nice knowing you L. I'll see you in another life.
xXUlquiorraxSchifferXx Report | 11/26/2009 2:41 pm
Awesome L cosplay. :]
pocky_lover14 Report | 07/07/2009 9:05 pm
hello... i like your profile and yes i've heard of BB
AwesomePandaAmanda Report | 05/23/2009 6:52 pm
Hot Potato!
Allen Walker-Musician14th Report | 04/13/2009 12:17 pm
Allen Walker-Musician14th
Hi L what are you doing
EclipseAlexander Report | 03/27/2009 9:45 pm
EclipseAlexander Report | 03/10/2009 8:00 pm
Are you seriouse...man that retarted
Bl0_odyMary Report | 03/05/2009 7:36 pm

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hey hun. im looking for people to maybe spread the word on my lotto or join in on the fun.
hope to talk to you sometime. since we are are on each other friends list.
EclipseAlexander Report | 02/22/2009 11:56 am
I suck at english and I have been speaking it my whole life, now i need a friend that can read japanese that will translate it for me ^_^
EclipseAlexander Report | 02/22/2009 11:52 am
I got told it was only going to be in japan...but if it does come out in america I AM SO GETTING A DS FOR IT XD

So what are you wearing... jk

Come Vist me sometime.

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Justice will prevail

Once they die they are never to live again.

"I'm L."


Don't Randomly send him a friend request when you haven't first pm-ed him or commented on his profile, room on it is limited.

Be kind you mess with him you mess with me...and ALL of the fan girls... theirs many.

I will seriously love you forever.

I love my sexy bodyguard.

-_-' that pervert...

... -_-

A little notice about my personal life.
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