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Well how to start! hhhmmmmm...... Well my name's Emmanuel.
I'm from Brownsville, Tx.! I was born and raised here!.... I'm currently a freshman at Lopez H.S., which I really hate! uuugh! anyways My fav. type of music is Christian, Metal, Rock, Trance,
and some Techno.... Now my fav. bands are Lamb of God, Slipknot,
Mudvayne, Slayer, Eyes Set To Kill, and several more!... Now my fav. Dj's are Dj Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Magic
Mushrooms, and more!.... Well What I usually do at home is either
be on Myspace, Gaiaonline, or play Metal Gear Online! Btw!... if
you have a Ps3 then add my psn. "Dino_Manny" anyways back to the topic!... Now what I usually do on weekends is go to the mall
mostly on saturdays though with my friends...... "I remember when
I used to be addicted to Gaia but I got bored of it so I quit for like
9 months or more!.... and as you can see I'm back! I miss all my
old buddeh's from here! hehe.... Anyways if ya'll wanna know more
about me just Message me! ;D