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          That's me.
          Alexis Lynn, you don't need to know my last name.
          I'm fourteen, and live in the shittiest, boring place ever, Michigan.
          NOTHING ever happens here.
          Expect for people breaking into things, 'cause we live by detroit bby.
          Anyways, i'm a freshman, & I have a boyfriend.
          I've liked this guy for over four years, and he's finally mine.
          I even have a ring that he gave me.
          I guess he had planned on asking me out, before he got kicked out of school?
          Who knows.
          Okay, so back to me.
          I'm obsessed with gypsies, Ron Weasly, Ronnie Radke, Insane Clown Posse, Lady Gaga & Matt Tuck.
          I'm a pretty random person, I have a story for anything we're talking about.
          At least just about.
          If you wanna know some funny stories, message me c:
          I like to draw, it's a passion of mine, even if it's just random doodles.
          I'd like to say that i'm pretty good at drawing.
          But i've never taken a class or anything for it.
          Other than your basic art classes.
          Like, i'm not all WA-BAM with my art, but i'd say it's pretty good.
          Let's see, what else is there?
          I don't like typing out the word 'and' so I use this little guy: &
          Even though it takes me 11 tries when i'm NOT looking at the key board to get it.

            I'm also on quests for stuff.
            Such as;

            Happy Capsule
            Coco kitty
            Demonic Style
            Angelic Manner
            Nitemare Scarf
            Longcat Scarf
            Freddy Claws
            Chapeau Demonique
            Demonic Anklets
            Wed to Darkness
            Dark Halo
            Nitemare Sash

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