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Hello! I'm Josie.

Pleased to make your acquaintance!
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Light Junior Professor Bangs (Creme and Blue) Donated by owarai!
Runcible Spoon Renewal (The Pussycat) Bought
Amazonite Snippet (Shoes) Donated by anon!
Cafe Miam (Bean Skirt) Donated by anon!
Optimistic Eyes (Cocoa Brown)
Sealy March (Mouth and Soft Blush) Donated by Finkton!
Azuramella (Belt) Donated by anon!
Cherubium's Wings: Alchemized Bought
Princess of the Heavens Bought
Choco Chocolate Dipped Stockings Bought
Lulling Lucie (Tea Party) Donated by Nasrin the Barbarian!
Cream and Gold Floweret Crown Bought
Sainte Ciel: Agape (Paladins Embrace)
Rosamunds Yearning (Cream Petal Gloves) Bought
Lovely Lucie (Dainty Hands) Donated by anon!
Whimsical Wisteria (Collar) Donated by Silhh!
Mooligan (Tail) Donated by anon!
Serenitys Rose (Spirits of Spring) Donated by anon!

This is my quest page! Please check it out c:

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