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♡ Hello!
Looks like you have found my little shoppe.
Feel free to pm me for any questions or trade offers.
Thank you for your time. :] ♡~♫


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.::About the L A D Y::.

♥ Hello, I'm L A D Y M A Y P L E.
But you can call me Lady, Mayple, or Muffin if you'd like.

I love to read and play games. You'll more often than not find me on zOMG! usually on air fluff or anchor bug. I'm kinda shy at first, but when I open up I don't hold back. I'm sarcastic, but not in a cruel way. I don't really understand jokes much, so don't be surprised if I act like a dummy. I'm obsessed with Pentatonix, they're awesome!! I love Pokemon, A:TLA and LOK.

If you want to be friends feel free to add me! There's no such thing as too many friends!

I have been a member since 2006. (On various accounts) ♥~♫


♥ Items needed for Dream Avis. Anything marked with a '♥' is something I already have.

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Putting Dream Avi together

.:: Achievement Thread::.

♡ Just a thread on the achievements I'm working towards. Please comment your thread so I can help you as well!

https://tinyurl.com/ybxkmoc6 ♥~♫


♥ Undecided ♥~♫


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