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Birthday: 10/20


Age: 21
Birthday: Octocer 20....
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Cat...hehe...i wish at heart i really am the year of the cat((but techniqueally I'm a Monkey...*sigh*....))
Celestial Zodiac: Libra...*i have a purrfectly balance attitude*...hehe...
Favorite Color: Black and Red...
Favorite Music: Rock, punk, some country, r&b, some rap, alternative, and foreign....
Interests: reading, writing, drawing, anime/manga, character designing, videogames, getting on the computer, and...*yawn*...zzzz..*wakes up*...Sleeping/napping....*yawn*...
Favorite Movies: The Hitcher, Transformers, The Day After Tomorrow, Twilight, Saw 1 2 &3, Handcock and anything else that horror, anime, or action....
Favorite Director: Hayou Miyazaki
Favorite TV Shows: Anything anime, true life, and that's about t.v. may be on in my room doesn't mean I'm watching it though....

I like making fanfics, drawing character, and writting with my friends Neela and Momiji...*yawn*...

*naruto and Fruits basket are my fav animes/mangas they are the most interesting ones i own...i also own over 250 manga and 10 animes....**

I'm in college finally ugh how great so i don't get on as much as i would like to neither do any of my friends anymore.


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jizzed when he Report | 10/20/2023 10:52 am
jizzed when he
Happy birthday~
Elyse_Celeste Report | 03/23/2016 5:33 pm
Thanks for shopping!! heart heart
Your Nostalgic Nightmare Report | 03/18/2016 3:09 pm
Your Nostalgic Nightmare
Thanks oh valued customer!~ emotion_yatta
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Curio Mermaid Report | 04/14/2015 1:52 pm
Curio Mermaid
I love this color scheme! Very pretty
Snorlaxen Report | 09/04/2014 8:43 pm
thanks for buying ^_________^
Seimaecria Report | 09/01/2014 6:55 pm
Thanks for buying~! yum_puddi
lil napp Report | 08/30/2014 10:14 am
lil napp
Thanks for buying! heart
Gummy burrs Report | 08/30/2014 8:23 am
Gummy burrs
Thank you for your purchase. I hope that you find the item worth while.
doing your mom Report | 08/17/2014 10:25 pm
doing your mom
Oh nice, I do giveaways too from time to time.

I actually have 17 or so accounts. c: But yeah, most are inactive. I haven't used caches in a while, I don't think I will be doing anything Alchemy related for some time now.
doing your mom Report | 08/17/2014 4:51 am
doing your mom
still. xD Ilike to get friends stuffs.

But that was really nice of him. I see you in the GE every now and then on my other mule.


i love to draw!! thi is one i worked really hard on! (no stealing!!)
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