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cat_4laugh Hello! you can call my Kyren emotion_bigheart Yes I'm related to Grell Sutcliff hehehe~ emotion_eyebrow if you have a problem with that I can present you proudly with my middle finger! gaia_kittenstar I love cats by the way. I'm very dark despite me seeming very cheerful right now. it's like: gaia_nitemareleft if you want to get to know more about me than the stuff I've already told you or listed in interests: I don't bite so stop on by. yum_puddi wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance As you can see I can be very loud too heart Don't take it as I'm harmless though okay? Okay.Glad you understand. If you're a member of Quotev, you're already family so drop on by and give a hello to Shiko!As you can see I don't care much for presentation on how this looks with fancy fonts and stuff. it's not what you can do to make it look pretty, it's what you're making to look pretty that counts. Mwah*Kiss*I better go pry Grell off of Bassy, Ta-Ta now~

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Kyren Sutcliff- How it's going.

Basically, me babbling to myself about how everything is going, and eventually, me talking to you- the readers... A place to put my insane thoughts as I also figure out how stuff works around here hehe.

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Kyren XxXx Nya, Nya, Nya =^n.W^=

When people look at me, i don't want to see their pity. Because each tear I shed may weaken me, but each stare is a bullet to my chest. Now, I've started to carry around a loaded gun, don't make me have to whip one back at you. Ta Ta for now loves<3 emotion_bandaid emotion_bigheart


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Tsukure, Tetsu no hagane Tsukure,
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