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I'm Kyo, I'm 19, I'm a chick.
I'm pansexual.
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LAST UPDATED ON 7/05/2014.
Just understand this is my little Gaian account the one place I’m allowed to get away from reality and be childish. . . and to stalk other people's profiles and comment sections.
I don't come on here much anymore.

Things I love
- My opinions
- Music

I like porn/anything perverted. Hey, I'm honest.
I lovethe spring
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-I love formatting things, to look colorful and obnoxious.
-I love Bruce WIllis, and Marvel Comic books.
- Having long sandy blonde hair and putting it in different hair styles.
-I cuss a ********' lot
-I rant every now and then, look up on youtube (My other obsession besides gaia) Project Rant

- I love Ball Jointed Dolls
-Christopher Hitchens, Tim Minchin, Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins <3

-->Purple Sky Painter
Met her 9/12/2009 The first thing I said to her was, "Thanks for the random profile view,love your pro. ^-^ " (Now she's obsessed with me and my "About me" wink

Status: Taken BUT polyamorous.
Sex: Female

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Bonquisha (or Bonnie fo short) is1/2 white1/4 Korean1/4 Spanish.24968304968306% to the last 6, Other.

My bff (Erica) and I made twins.Starting 2/06/11. She carried them for 4 1/2 months are up, and same for me I had them till 11/15/11. I labored till 11/16/11, which was also my birthday. c':

Bonquisha's twin brother.They came out at the same time, so it didn't end well for him.

Me & Fred [that mop looking dog]

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