I'm a 20 year old geek who loves to be loved. I'm
single AGAIN!

I'm bisexual, and believe strongly on coexisting, and ending hate.
I am a pretty big activist on equality for animals, binational couples and LGBT marriage equality and environmental health awareness.
I love studying world cultures, art, herbology and anthropology.
I'm crazy, love rainbows, cuteness, animals, reading the dictionary, reading in general, movies, television, baking, journaling, music, and kawaii-styled things.
I'm a raving yaoi fangirl, but I'm also a fan of romantic fanfiction and yuri.
Not a newbie; last account got hacked.
Don't like me, leave me alone.
Don't judge, criticize or flame me. I don't put up with it.
Thank you greatly! I accept random add requests, as long as you are respectful of others.
I appreciate everyone who tips me or thanks me.
♥♥♥ xoxo ♥♥♥


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Sacrilegious Martyr

Report | 03/04/2013 3:59 pm

Sacrilegious Martyr

It's alright. Every little bit helps in the end. heart
Sacrilegious Martyr

Report | 03/04/2013 4:13 am

Sacrilegious Martyr

Thank you for the donation. heart I think I am going to stay up for a bit longer. sweatdrop

Report | 02/21/2013 4:14 pm


Thank you for the gift. A chaos key!!! Sounds hardcore. surprised heart

Report | 12/31/2012 2:02 pm


thanks for buying biggrin

Report | 12/27/2012 7:57 am


Black Tonfa!!!
You ist AWESOME!! ^^
I could give you a super huge hug right now. OH CRAP! I gotta get you a gift now!
*runs to marketplace*
-Screaming Vanity-

Report | 12/23/2012 8:23 am

-Screaming Vanity-

thanks for buying emotion_bigheart

Report | 10/20/2012 6:27 pm


Thank you so much for our compliment. Also, your profile looks amazing as well. Thank you again.
O t o l i q

Report | 09/28/2012 7:41 am

O t o l i q

thanx for buying!

Report | 09/22/2012 4:51 am


I'm sorry to hear that. crying I hope your sister feels better soon, and that you can go to another one soon. whee

Report | 09/21/2012 9:49 pm


Ny, sorry xD new York.


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