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ok so i am gonna actually try and write this... I am Kyle Sanchez... no this is not my real name, yes if you get to know me i have no problem giving it out to people, no i am not out of the closet... not really at the top of my to do list... tho if some one were to call me gay i do not deny it or become offensive... don't care all that much. i LOVE to read and learn. On occasion i MAY sing... depends what it is.

the real way to get me to add you is to show me one of a few things:

A) You are not creepy... if i think you are creepy you will not be added no exceptions. if i think you are kinda creepy but you may be cool i do give the benefit of the doubt.

B) show me you are a real person... pictures of your amazing abs and pec and wonderfully long c**k are good for a little while, but it gets old very fast... have some sort of substance... notice how i have pictures i took, my little sister took, from different events and such.

C) this may seem silly, but PLEASE BE SOME WHAT INTELLIGENT. dont just talk to me about wanting to trade pics, yes i do trade pics (18 and older only please), or wanting to "hang out" because i am not an idiot you may seem cool but if you are a guy you have one thing on your mind... sex... how i know this it is always on mine...

D) be able to make smart decisions. don't be someone who is always drunk or high... the people i add and talk to i actually care about...

E) just kidding there is no E.... i lied... have a sense of humor... you people will probably never see a picture of my abdomen... i am not super skinny, i do not have abs or pecs...

i have put as much as i can think of at the moment. if you have any questions just ask. not question is a stupid question.
born 12/13/1990.

Not sure when i became one of the old guys on here >.> oh well :/


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Mr Droopy Eyes Report | 05/05/2013 8:25 pm
Mr Droopy Eyes
haha..yeh...Just gaia weird.. rofl
nothing out of the ordinary
FuzzyMexiPanda Report | 05/01/2013 6:45 pm
XD No no, it's alright. I just would like to know who the person who is adding me is.
Mr Droopy Eyes Report | 04/29/2013 6:45 pm
Mr Droopy Eyes
awww...too bad..coz I'm weird .. .O_O
FuzzyMexiPanda Report | 04/28/2013 9:51 pm
Uh...Who are you? sorry for being so straightforward. sweatdrop
Kyrie Eleison21 Report | 03/27/2013 10:07 am
Kyrie Eleison21
Accepted. smile
Kyrie Eleison21 Report | 12/21/2012 10:37 am
Kyrie Eleison21
Roy Radical Report | 08/13/2012 1:00 pm
Roy Radical
Who are you?
Simply Adequate Report | 06/13/2012 7:57 pm
Simply Adequate
Nice hours, hopefully they pay off in more ways than just monetary.

Well, once I finish my tour, I'm going back home, to enroll in college, and use my education benefits. After those run out, (hopefully not before I get a Bachelor's) I'd like to do a tour in the Peace Corps, which would give me experience in the field that I plan on studying. After that tour, I should be well equipped to acquire a career in my chosen field 3nodding .
Simply Adequate Report | 06/12/2012 11:39 am
Simply Adequate
I'm doing alright, dreading getting my wisdom teeth removed, and making plans for the next few years.

How are you?
Simply Adequate Report | 05/27/2012 1:25 pm
Simply Adequate
You have an abundance of Disney in your playlist, you get two thumbs up. 3nodding

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