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My Name is Carrie, I'm 16 years of age and a Chubby bunny~! (not really.. but I wish) . Life has its ups and downs and at the moment my life is at a steady pace; dwelling on the past. I adore the cute things this world has to offer, good music, and interesting people that lurk on the internet. Random pm's are cool, as long as I get to talk to you. emotion_bigheart
User ImageQ&A
Q: Random conversations ?
A: Of course, I love talking to people I don't know. That's why I'm on gaia.

Q: Can I add you?
A: Only if we have a decent conversation first. Because I don't like random friend requests.

Q: Can I donate my noodz to you? ( that is a question i often get asked)
A: Of course you can't I'm not interested in your tiny penor's and oddly shaped boobs. And I don't wanna get banned.

Thank you for your time !



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ugly waifu Report | 02/02/2013 3:49 pm
cool avi
Kei Pop Report | 01/06/2013 9:35 am
cool avi
Tha Bunny Man Report | 04/02/2012 1:31 am

~[b][color=red]C[/color][color=violet]a[/color][color=red]r[/color][color=violet]r[/color][color=red]i[/color][color=violet]e[/color][/b], that [i]is[/i] a[i] nice[/i] name :kirakira: c:

D: That app sounds so much fun! >.< You're gonna have to share xD Where'd you get it at? c: lol.

Lol, yeah~ Chinese food is great :XD haven't had some in a while. There's a place called [color=orange][b]GOLDEN SKY[/b][/color] near my
gym that I want to treat myself to soon :3nod: the streets are all dry and dark on that side of the Blvd. but [i]Golden Sky[/i] lights everything up, like..
The [i]sky[/i].. :lol:

Your welcome :3nod: My day was OK. I ended up busy so that I couldn't reply to everyone :T You're the only one I'm gonna
reply to before I go to sleep :XD I wish I could get to more of my friends but my eyes need rest. Besides, you're the funnest
since we have a lot in common c: There's another friend whom I have lots in common with too but she's never on so yeah~

[b]And I know right, where I live it's just a bunch of people trying too hard to be ghetto. And they are all into their rap music. Or others are all into ugly american boy bands!!!! I don't think anyone would steal mine either, it's all K-pop with a hint of J-pop. I'd like J-pop more if it were less rock and roll and more modern like K-pop.

Ugh! I know! D: lol. I can't stand some of the junk they call music around here. Everyday it's the same junk playing in the gym :zombie: Good thing I take
my iPod. Sometimes I just go over to the stereo and shut the music off :dealwithit: [i]"Remy, did you turn it off?"[/i] [u]I did you a favor[/u] 8) lol. What J-pop
groups do you like? c: I love sharing new music and listening to it as well :,D I'm sure you know every song in my playlist if I were to show you, lol. This
group looks promising but I think they're overhyping them and yeah.. made me lose a little bit of interest in them, ANYWAYS!! Lol. I love this [url=]song[/url].

[b]You live in California Q.Q?! Oh my gosh jealous ! I live in Michigan -__- right on the lake. And lakes are so .... lame! I want to go swimming in an ocean with a significant other and find starfish and lay on the beach together[/b]

Yeah [IMG][/IMG] When I was younger I so wanted to move away from California,
like to Asia or something :XD But what's awesome about L.A. is that there's a little bit of everything and most cultures sprinkled around here. I know
I'd like to visit part of Asia, and I'm sure it'd be so cool to live there as well but I'm starting to feel like this is my home, everything I like is here..
Maybe it's too late for me! I've been sucked in :zombie: lol.

The only cool things about lakes is that you don't have to brush off the salt afterwards but yeah... -_- Don't monsters live under there anyway? :lol:
Yeah! :heart: That's very cool/romantic :3nod: You're giving me ideas on where to take my future gf :XD

[b]I LOVE LEFT FOR DEAD!!! I've only played the 2nd one and I always kill the computer team mates 'cause they don't give me their health, they give it to the other computers ![/b] If you love Left 4 Dead... :kirakira: T-then that means... T_T That you're [b]NOT[/b] single... It's impossible :emo:

:lol: jk :lol: I can't believe you like it!!! [b]*faints*[/b] I literally played that game every day for a while and have my 5yr. old nephew playing it on
expert mode xD I LOVE it, I'm one of the bestest players at it :dowant: I'm eating a whole bag of [i]Starbursts[/i] and they're not doing it for me :omnomnom:
Anyway~ Lol, that's hilarious, you killing off the comp xD You usually have to be at red or have the lowest health below 40 to get
Tha Bunny Man Report | 04/01/2012 9:58 am
Hello, Merpp~ Whatcha up to? User Image
Lol jk, I'm just being random User Image

So~ I just read your status comment xd Aww, I wish I could have shared some! 3nodding Korean food.. emotion_drool
At first I just went for the Korean BBQ but then I ordered a soup instead, and there was some other food also
and man... so much food!!! emotion_bigheart So good!! xp I still have some left over that I'm about to eat sweatdrop Sorry
I can't share any xd It might not look so appealing because it's leftovers but it's still good cat_blaugh

Hope you're having a sweet day today User Image 4laugh cheese_whine

Yeaaaah I am xD I'm forever single because YES!! No male here enjoys K-pop ! I showed one dude who I thought was cute my K-pop music and he said that it's lame QQ!!

Single forever? Don't say that lol At least not on my watch emotion_awesome Jk lol I'm in a hyper good mood at the moment, I just woke up too User Image
I knew it was gonna be the Kpop thing xd How can anyone not like it? eek It just makes people feel good!! 3nodding It's not lame scream lol.
Then again most males don't like pop music, or stuff that has to do with being romantic or sharing feelings lol I think that if anyone found my
iPod they wouldn't steal it cat_lol cat_lol Then again not all of it is like that, especially songs like NalinA by Block B emotion_dealwithit I like how the
leader of the group said in an interview that they were too ugly to be idols, sounds like something I would have said lol

I'm always scared that there is going to be a fish or something that wants to like devour me!

xd Just what kinda fishies do you think are out there? 4laugh You can just hang out on shore or shallow water 3nodding
The closest beach around here has a fair and lots of cool places to eat and also an arcade, so yeah, the energy is
really good at night 3nodding There are lots of nice beaches here in California 3nodding

Sweet, I have COD and Gears 3nodding Shooting games are the ones I'm best at (especially Left 4 Dead 1 & 2), fighting games are my weakness sometimes
sweatdrop The Sims is awesome!!! I remember not showering my character for fun lol I wanna buy part 3 soon 3nodding

-Remy cat_blaugh
Tha Bunny Man Report | 03/31/2012 12:29 pm
If I had a boyfriend I'd eat candy with him, and play video games. Because I haven't had one yet that appreciates my taste in entertainment emotion_donotwant

User Image Candy and video games? emotion_jawdrop And you're single?? emotion_donotwant What entertainment tastes do they lack? o.o lol.
Don't tell me Kpop is one of them emotion_facepalm I swear if that's one of em' those guys are so dumb xd

But that does sound nice to get to share those fun things with someone c: I wouldn't even mind letting the other person hog the controller while I stuff my face with sweets lol
Personally it'd be kinda hard for me to be with someone who didn't share some of my interests o.o lol. I've yet to have a girlfriend c: I just seem to have bad luck I guess, and usually just end up being close friends with the girls I'm interested in >.< So yeah, I've never had a girlfriend c: It's been treats and xbox live or rpgs for me so far emotion_awesome
Oh~ What kinda games do you like? c:

Cool, the things in there are really some of your favorite things? whee
I like doing stuff like that too, especially in the rain. I jog a lot and love doing it while listening to music in the rain c:
Haven't been to the beach in a while though o: I like it on cloudy days and during nighttime but don't go so much
when it's too hot, the sun and I don't have such a hot relationship User Image User Image lol.

And of course.. I love zombies so that was a great finish to your story blaugh

K, shutting up now :,D

User Image
Tha Bunny Man Report | 03/31/2012 8:26 am
Most of the time I'm on gaia I'm either bored or super hyper xd I'm also a sugar addict, seriously sweatdrop I buy candy every week, and lots of it lol My cousin used to tell me "Remy, stop eating candy!! Man, that's all you do. scream " xd Idk, sometimes I have this hunger that I can't satisfy until I eat something sweet xp People like to rain on my sweet parade sometimes however emotion_donotwant I told my friend once "If I had a girlfriend I'd hand feed her Skittles all the time" but my friend just said I'd get her sick from all the candy emotion_8c lol, moving on... >.>

Thanks~! And I can't wait to see your doggie 4laugh

Lol xd Nice~ I liked the story, kinda dark at times lol
The ending was the best! User Image That was the best transition from a mermaid story into one that included zombies blaugh I'm glad they couldn't swim xd

I wantz an Asian mermaid now emotion_awesome lol.
Tha Bunny Man Report | 03/30/2012 8:57 pm
Well forget her. !! She is mentally disabled if she doesn't appreciate the sweet sounds of K-pop !!!

lol I bet she is emotion_awesome Each time someone says they don't like Kpop I'm like emotion_donotwant It's so uplifting and fun to listen to! cat_3nodding

And D'awww you are such a sweetie, sometimes I'm nice to people who are rude to me as well !!!

Sweet! That's nice to hear 3nodding Most of the people I know usually tell me "Ugh.. Remy, you need to respond negatively. If
that happened to be I would have been all like scream "

Oh~ What's your favorite candy? c: Just asking cuz I'm eating Nerds emotion_omnomnom lol. There are lots of times when I work
hard at the gym, only to go buy tons of sweets or a pizza on the way home xd

That's cute c: lol. Everyone thinks one of my dogs is a chihuahua but in reality it's a toy fox terrier c: and I have another furry
one xd

User Image

Wow, that's really good o.o I really like it, thanks for showing me :3 At first I thought "Did her drawing get wet" but
when I saw the whole thing I was like "Neat, it's in watercolors :,D" Even if the paper was too thin, it still looks
awesome, and I'm NOT just saying that c: You're good 3nodding Most people draw and eh... lol. I was actually
surprised when you showed me :3 Thank you so much for sharing~!

Oh~ And I read your status comment just now, I'd like to read your run on sentence of a story emotion_awesome
Tha Bunny Man Report | 03/30/2012 4:46 pm
Bad Boy is MY fave song from their new album User Image
I was listening to it on the way home when I looked to my left and some girl gave me a strange look like rolleyes Tryin' to brush
me off or something, which was weird cuz I hadn't been looking at her and she wasn't attractive lol Anyway, I smiled cuz I
suddenly felt like T.O.P. being rejected in the music video, yes I'm a dork xd

User Image

Building a sims house :,D I'm jealous T.T I don't have one >.< last sims house I had was... Idk,
a few years ago xd

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User Image I like Trouble maker as well c:
Everyone thinks it suits my profile blaugh

Snap~ We do have a lot in common lol

I noticed how you wrote "my friend and I" which means you get epic points for good grammar emotion_bigheart cat_blaugh lol.
Cool, I can't wait to see whee

Oh, it's OK, the only thing you forgot to answer was what kind of dog you have blaugh I always open two
comment tabs on Gaia, one to see the comment and one to reply with User Image
Tha Bunny Man Report | 03/30/2012 5:30 am
Lol, I just sat in front of my PC for over a half and hour checking out Block B's music xD
I really liked the MV for Narnina 3nodding

Yes! BIG BANG is also my favorite emotion_kirakira That's the first Kpop group I listened to c:
And the one that makes the best music emotion_dealwithit lol.

Aww, I used to have a kitty too c: Now I only have my two doggies 4laugh What kind of dog is it? c:

Are you willing to show me your panda pic? lol You don't have to if you don't want to, lol.
Actually, I stayed up for over a day that time @__@ I don't know how I did it, but I didn't feel like I
was going to die or anything, I just didn't sleep or feel sleepy till 4am the next day o.o

It's nice hearing from you again 3nodding
Anything new going on with your life? 3nodding

~Remy cheese_whine
Tha Bunny Man Report | 03/28/2012 1:07 pm
emotion_kirakira Kpop is my favorite music genre cat_3nodding xd Who's your fave Kpop group? :3

Your welcome and thank you~ cat_3nodding

Thank you~ Sometimes I just get in the mood for taking pics whee You're very photogenic as a cat, or as
a human lol Do you have cats irl? c:

It's funny that you said we have a lot in common because I saw your status comment, and I can't go to sleep
either D: lol. Been awake for almost a day now and I'm just getting sleepy till now o.o haha. Hope you got some rest
by the time you read this, my super cool new best friend User Image User Image

レミー User Image User Image


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