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I'm 20 years old right now already. It has been years muahhh xoxo

Sup, people!
Name's Valerie. Various? Call me val or Valvetann.
Kyaaru is good too wink

I'm 17 years old
Born on 24th of March 1997
I am a Borneo Dusun native.
Living in Borneo or better known, The Land Below The Wind
Love it here <3

My life and I truly got inspired by Narnia by CS Lewis, anime, novel books, science, music, choreography and martial arts.

My talent is drawing biggrin I love random cosplay too ^^

I am person who loves blasting out energy when I'm high. lol

Blackjack, and always blackjacks <3
Hardcore IwaZuka swim club. lol dont kill me OTL

Find me interesting?
HAH. Be my friend then! smile



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mapaachan Report | 12/24/2014 5:48 am
yes, kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaruuuu whee heart rofl
fwuaffy Report | 08/31/2014 8:13 pm
hi there!! was goin throught the featured avatars, congrates fr gettin selected!! and wow u hv got an awesome profile 3nodding really nice biggrin
Miss 502 Report | 08/10/2014 5:35 am
Miss 502
ups, some typo. sweatdrop its interesting not interisting. but I think you already know :3
Miss 502 Report | 08/10/2014 5:30 am
Miss 502
wow so interisting, I understand just a little Malay language from Upin Ipin cartoon XD
do you want to practice your indonesian language with me? lets try to speak bahasa lol XDD

yeah nice to meet you too ^^, and its hard to find asean people in gaia ninja
Miss 502 Report | 08/10/2014 12:35 am
Miss 502
oh thank you for noticing me! 3nodding and I like everything about you too XD
and umm .. are you from Borneo, Indonesia? If you are, lets just speak in bahasa. If you are not, so lets speak in english wink
Xarrie Report | 05/26/2014 5:08 am
Your current avatar burns my eyes >_<
Sparkle sparkle
All the sparkle is too damn high
Croitre Report | 05/23/2014 9:51 am
No problemo c:
Neo Skyrer Report | 01/17/2014 9:32 am
Neo Skyrer
yes? cat_xd
Neo Skyrer Report | 01/13/2014 9:49 pm
Neo Skyrer
nice profile cat_ninja
baesics Report | 10/11/2011 6:44 am

Nice profile.