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Hi there! Before we get into introductions, lets start off with our rules:

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1. Follow the TOS.
2. No stealing/editing our art.
3. Follow the transaction guidelines.
4. Payment is not do on commission, but upon completion must be paid in order to receive art.
5. ALL Requests need to be sent to my email or DeviantArt page thanks! heart


Want to place an order? Copy and paste this and it is as easy as filling in the blanks!

[b]Style of Art[/b] - (Traditional/Digital)
[b]Color or No[/b] - (Yes/No)
[b]Type of Art[/b] - (Bust/Fullbody/XXX)
[b]Number of Subjects[/b] - (Just you or more?)
[b]Backgrounds[/b] - (Parks, Bedrooms, ect.)
[b]Who am I drawing?[/b] - (Furry, OC, Avatar, Chibi)
[b]Male or Female[/b] - ("Other" ;])
[b]Reference Pictures[/b] - (Link(s) Here)
[b]If OC without reference give a description[/b] - (green eyes, busty chest, beard, ect.)
[b]Anything else[/b] -
[b]Tip[/b] - ($$$)
[b]Total Price[/b] - ($$$)

Email :
GaiaOnline : Kwanari Masako, PM me

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I love drawing for others and learning about their own characters as we work together. So if you have been wanting some custom art look no further! I would love to make your imaginative creations come to life!
I Specialize in Furies, Chibies, manga style, OCs, and XXX. ;3

A cool note to add is that I will almost always stream every creation I am making on twitch as I make them!

So if you decide to get a piece of art from me and you just love it so much that you want to give me a little extra go for it. Anyone who tips will be honored on their art with a one of a kind badge given only to customers that go the extra mile smile

Since we are new I used some of my sketches and works in progress for references. PLEASE NOTE that the notebook paper backgrounds are backgrounds in progress AND WILL NOT BE A PART OF YOUR PERSONAL ORDER. I wanted to give you guys something to look at as soon as I could so please refrain from letting the notebook paper background deter your interpretation of the piece.

All orders are paid via paypal and information sent through PMs via DeviantArt and or email.
This page is dedicated to giving my customers easy access to references, contact info, policies, and other helpful information.

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10.00$US Chibi heart
15.00$US Bust heart heart
20.00$US Full Body heart
17.00$US Couples Bust heart
25.00$US Couples Full Body heart

(Go to deviantart for more deviant art requests...) ninja


5.00$US Chibi heart heart heart
5.00$US Bust heart heart
10.00$US Full Body heart heart heart heart
10.00$US Couples Bust heart heart
15.00$US Couples Full Body heart heart heart heart

Personal Environments additional 5-10$ based on difficulty and time management

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whee 4laugh Hello to all! I am Kwanari 4laugh whee
My Facebook name is also Kwanari Masako, same with all the online games I play.

Contact me at these things:
L.o.L - Kwanari Masako heart
Vindictus - Kwanarii or Purtoo heart
Terra - Syreta or Draikyn
PSN - Kwanari
You get the idea razz mrgreen

rolleyes Anyways.... I am a 19 year old college student. I just recently moved to Georgia to get my Drafting degree. I enjoy gaming, sleeping, and being with my loved ones. I have a 10 year old ball python who is my heart and soul. Guhhhhh... ask more if you have questions? I'm not to interesting but I sure can be entertaining xp

I also stream on twitch and has the youtubes for more fun if you want to check those out! I mostly do gameplay vids and I do art on streaming.

My Arts (Featured)

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And here is a pick of me and my snake chubs for shits and giggles

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