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Hello, Most of you know me as Kuxri, but few of you know me as Michael. So to those many friends I have made over the years, allow me to fully introduce my self properly.
I am Michael Craig Lee McClure
Born: February 10nd, 1992
I have lived most of my life in Statesville N.C. , and I feel, for an 18 year old, my life had been more fulfilling then that of the eldest man in the world. I have traveled, invented, created, lied, stolen, sung, danced, forgiven, forgotten, hurt, loved, pained, suffered and even driven myself through difficult times, and looking back on it all then seeing all the friends across the glob I have met. I must say, I would not change a thing.
Seth Maxion Devoncroix
Rorek Orobus
Kashikoi Kusabana