Hey there avid reader! Welcome to my profile!
My name is Kuvro, and my favorite thing to do on Gaia is hold giveaways! So far I've held the Ultimate Gaian Giftpack Giveaway and the Spectacular Spooky Giveaway! I like holding these because I get to surprise the winners! Tickets are always only 10 gold, and I only sell 2,000 tickets in each giveaway. That way, anyone can enter and there is a high chance for everyone to win! My next giveaway is being held beginning December 1st, entitled the Very Merry Christmas Package! PM me for details!
I'm currently questing:
~Staff of the Angels~
~Items for my giveaway!~
Take a look around, leave comments if you like!


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stickgirl390's Journal

I'm a writer, so in here you will find the book I am working on; Blood Out of My Eyes. It's a memoir on my life and the people in my life. I think you will find it very interesting, so read on!


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Hotaru Watase

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Hotaru Watase

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