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Name: 森近 霖之助(もりちか りんのすけ)
Rinnosuke Morichika
Species: Human /Youkai half-breed
Abilities: Able to recognize the name and purpose of an item at a glance
Age: Unknown, at least few decades.
Occupation: Owner of Kourindou, an antique shop
Description: Golden eyes, short silver hair, wears a pair of glasses. His clothes are black and blue, and he often carries a small bag with him.
Relationships: Yukari Yakumo (Merchandise supplier), Reimu Hakurei (Shoplifter), Marisa Kirisame (Daughter of a former employer & shoplifter ), Sakuya Izayoi (Regular customer, even if it's not very often)
Appearances: Curiosities of Lotus Asia (Main Character)
Bio: Rinnosuke runs Kourindou, an antique shop near the Forest of Magic. He chose this location in the hopes that both human and non-human potential customers would visit, but his plan failed miserably as his shop is always deserted, with the exception of a few daily "annoyances".

What Rinnosuke actually is remains unknown. His appearance is that of a human, but the official stories say that he has lived several times longer than Reimu. His appearance has not changed since Marisa was a small child, at the very least. It is also said that he knows about the previous Hakurei descendant, as well as the establishment of Hakurei Shrine and its purpose.

Rinnosuke is known for his great interest in the outside world, and uses a collection of items from the outside world (which have accidentally slipped past the boundary) as his shop lineup. With his recognition ability, he can determine the name and purpose of each foreign item, but he still can't tell how they are used. Due to his lack of knowledge about the outside world and modern science, he often ends up drawing strange conclusions about those items.
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Mysterious Luxury Items Arrive at Kourindou

The nargile, for leisurely enjoying tobacco
The arrival of a large, mysterious pot at Kourindou, the antique store by the forest's entrance, was begging to become a topic. Its height is that of a person's hip, so it is very big indeed. According to the Kourindou's owner, it's called a nargile.
According to the store owner, the nargile is a type of tobacco-water smoker, one which you can use to enjoy the tobacco slowly over a very long period. If it is for smoking tobacco, however – with its huge pot and mouthpiece-looking pipes, and even a plate on the pot's top opening – it is quite different from the tobacco smoking tools we all know. Besides, even the owner said he had not even the slightest idea of how to use it.
“Being a tobacco inhaler, I would think you use it to ignite tobacco and inhale the smoke, but for this one to involve water into it... it seems incompatible. If it is a tobacco-water inhaler, you would think you use water in it, but how it makes the water give off smoke is something I don't know.”
So said Kourindou's owner, Rinnosuke Morichika (Half-human, half-youkai). The store's owner went on explaining: "This nargile would make a splendid decoration, it looks like a pot but is not a pot, looks like a light but is not a lighthouse; its incongruous form is magnificent. You are likely to never have the chance to obtain such a thing again. You will definitely regret it if you don't buy it now. It's a one-time-only article.”
Kourindou is a place where usable-looking items fallen from the outside are gathered and sold. So, besides not knowing when the next arrivals will come, the same items might not show up again. Interested people that don't mind not knowing how to use it, and are fine having it for decoration, should then go buy it right away. The price is open to bargain.
As for me, I've never seen smoking tools other than a pipe, and I wouldn't really want such a big one that is impossible to carry around. But since I believe this one is for smoking calmly while sitting down, people that would want to pass the afternoon tea time leisurely having an elegant smoke might as well consider purchasing it.

Interview ------(( Note: Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, It features Aya Shameimaru writing a newspaper about the Touhou world, with some comics and newspaper articles. ))-----

Aya: It's been quite a while since that article. Did you sell it after all?
Rinnosuke: The nargile? It's not for sale anymore, I took it out.
Aya: Is that so? Well, for something that big... without knowing how to use it, it would never sell.
Rinnosuke: There were a lot of people who showed interest. It's just that I changed my mind about selling it.
Aya: Was there a defect in the article, then?
Rinnosuke: I figured out how to use it. That's why I put it out of sale.
Aya: Excuse me?
Rinnosuke: It would've been a waste, wouldn't it? I might never have the chance to obtain another one.
Aya: Ahh, so you are keeping it for your own use? ...But can your business carry on like that?
Rinnosuke: Business or not, a terrible waste is a terrible waste.
Aya: I don't quite understand your reasons for opening a shop. Besides, being that close to the forest, I don't think humans actually come. Are you really intent on doing business?
Rinnosuke: That's a rather complex question. It will take me some time to answer it... wait a moment.
Aya: Complex, was it...?
Rinnosuke: This is the nargile.
Aya: Yes, I know that.
Rinnosuke: The preparations take some time, but once lit, the tobacco lasts for more than one hour. You put the burning charcoal here, and then the tobacco here. And about your earlier question, of course I'm fully intent on doing business.
Aya: I see, so that's how it's smoked. And how did you figure out how to use it?
Rinnosuke: It came in a flash, while I was in the middle of some trial and error. It was when a youkai that knows a lot about the outside world taught it to me.
Aya: So, someone taught you? You didn't have to say it like you had figured it out by yourself, then.
Rinnosuke: Not only does smoking with this take longer than usual but, once you start, you can't carry it around with you. That's why it's ideal for smoking while reading a book or having a tea.
Aya: That's why you said you didn't want to sell it anymore...
Rinnosuke: And I won't; it's not for sale.
Aya: And I don't want to buy it. Isn't a tobacco smoker this big a little inconvenient? And the water, what is it for?
Rinnosuke: The water... is to weigh it down so it doesn't collapse, I guess.
Aya: Quite a nonsensical smoker, right?
Rinnosuke: Aren't all luxury goods nonsensical to begin with? But if it weren't for people who can't appreciate them, there wouldn't be any interesting people. People that appreciate luxury goods like liquor, teas, coffee, tobacco, and the like are always seen as very interesting people.
Aya: Speaking of which, people who live away from the human village are all into luxury goods. People who like luxury items are all strange ones indeed.
Rinnosuke: And they are mostly self-centered folk, if I might add.


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