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To start things off my name is Kira. It is my birthname so I had long before Light did. XD Anyway, as you can see by my profile I am a huge KHR and Get Backers fan. Moving on.

I'm a hardcore gamer and otaku who enjoys cosplaying and anything related to it. Some of my favorite game series are Castlevania, Resident Evil, Pokemon, BloodRayne, KOF, Devil May Cyry, Shin Megami Tensei, Ace Attorney, No More Heroes, and Tekken. I'll play pretty much anything as long as it seems interesting, so no Hannah Montana, HSM, Jonas Brothers, Mario, or anything with "Wii" in the title.

For anime and manga series my favorites are Get Backers, Saiyuki, Hellsing, Dogs, Psycho Busters, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Trinity Blood, Higurashi, Black Blood Brothers, Darker Than Black, Great Teacher Onizuka, Soul Eater, Legal Drug, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, BleachJack Frost, Zombie Loan, and Zombie Powder.

I also enjoy listening to music. My favorite genres are Hardstyle, Techno/Hardcore Techno, Speedcore, Hard Trance, Industrial, Electro, J-Rock, Heavy Metal, House, Opera Metal, Drum'N'Bass, Anisongs, Game Soundtracks, Rave, Jumpstyle, Miami Bass, and some J-Pop.

As I mentioned I cosplay and I love anything related to it. I always have a list of atleast ten cosplays to choose from and am always adding to it. I went to ACEN this past year for the first time and had a blast. I plan on going every year for the foreseeable future. Some of my favorite anime and manga series are Saiyuki, Get Backers, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Psycho Busters, Black Blood Brothers, Zombie Powder, Loveless, Hellsing, and Gundam.

I'm a huge action movie fan. Some of my favorites are the Die Hards, Planet Terror, Dragon Tiger Gate, Transporter, Kill Bill Volume One, Scarface, the Resident Evil films, The Dark Knight, Equilibrium, Transformers, Iron Man, and the Underworld movies. I also like Horror movies such as Suicide Club and Repo!. From time to time I'll also watch a comedy if it's genuinely funny, such as Animal House and Blues Brothers.

I also enjoy photographery, especially night time and cosplay. Following this I enjoy photomanipulation and drawing. You can view my art and photographery here: http://blackout-resonance.deviantart.com/ I also make wallpapers, which can be viewed here: http://www.theotaku.com/portfolio/zelman_clock_fan

I'm an American of German, Finnish, and Irish descent who is Republican. I love animals and may seem cold when I first meet you. But once I get to know you I am quite social. I hate hot weather but love the cold winter months. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays. My birthday is September 17 so I'm a Virgo. ^^

I'm a huge Pokemon fan and have been since the day it first came to American shores, though I don't like the new dub voices. >_< So there you have it, me in a nutshell. ^_^ Feel free to get to know me.


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Athena Akabane Report | 08/24/2009 2:10 pm
Athena Akabane
Nice Profile Kuroudo User Image
User Image
Black-Ghost_White-Owl Report | 08/07/2009 5:26 pm
yes! I agree
SomaCruz-darklord Report | 08/03/2009 6:18 am
I've been watching a few trailers myself, I hope that they don't stray too far from the original Castlevania idea, is the protagonist a Belmont?
iNeuroNougami Report | 07/26/2009 8:41 am
Oh, btw...
If you haven't seen Tekeme's newest cosplay, you might want to check xD
iNeuroNougami Report | 07/26/2009 8:36 am
Sensei told me that you're a fan of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro ;]
iTekeme Report | 07/24/2009 5:33 pm
n___n ok ~!
iTekeme Report | 07/23/2009 7:46 pm
dont get to worried n-n
I'm not leaving n-n
I was just depressed n-n
iTekeme Report | 07/23/2009 2:07 pm
Aww thanks n___n -hugs -
Ziv Xanthus Report | 07/21/2009 9:41 am
Ziv Xanthus
ahh, that makes sense =]
Ziv Xanthus Report | 07/20/2009 9:26 pm
Ziv Xanthus
ahh, it may have had a little to do with pricing =]
i dont even know where to find them where i live now...crap D=


"AGH! It's dark! Somebody turn on the lights! I can't see sh*t!"-Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarkskii