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<Alright, if you really want to get to know the person behind the avatar, go ahead and read the following wall of text. kthx. I'll keep adding things whenever I think of them.>

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Kuro has many variances to her name. Call her Kuroneko, Neko Neko, Kuro, Neko, even random little nicknames like Coffee Cup, or give her a new nickname; it can be as random as you want, she likes it when people wonder. Your choice. Her real name is Chelsea; she hates it with a passion along with the people who can't spell it right. She's 19 and has a driver's license, and has come to adore driving by herself. She's unsure on what she wants to do with her life. Her birthday's March 13th, and she was born on a Friday the 13th. Give her lots of love and stuff! She's a Pisces according to the Western zodiac, a Monkey to the Eastern zodiac, and the Ash to the Celtic zodiac. She prefers she/her pronouns, but doesn't mind if others use he/him pronouns when addressing her. She is an aunt to the cutest little boy. Colton, you're such a sweetheart.
She personally sticks with her group of friends, The Usual Suspects, and loves them all dearly. She'll put up with nearly any type of music as long as it's catchy, pretty, calming, and/or completely random. Her stereo mostly jams to varying types of rock and roll. She'd rather spend her time with her friends than family. She has a knack to make people happy, no matter how much her day sucks. She is not religious in the sense of what most people think religion is. And, no, she doesn't feel like explaining it to you. Her favorite number is 13, mainly because of the whole "born on a Friday the 13th" deal. Her favorite drink is Sprite because it makes her feel bubbly and calms her down. Her favorite food is ITALIAN FOOD, because it is DELICIOUS. She lives with her parents, four cats, and three dogs.
Kuro is a complete art whore, but never has the gold to buy any because she spends it all on other things. She has a tendency to be spontaneously generous. She made her own reality, and spends way too much time in it. Any form of bad weather always seems to cheer her up. Her favorite species is a cat. Doesn't matter what kind of cat, as long as it's warm and fluffy. If you were to ask what her heritage was, she'd take a long pause and say she's German, even though she technically has a bajillion bits and pieces from all over the world. She always finds joy in lounging around and doing nothing. She finds it hilarious when food whistles in the microwave; she's not sure why. She feels like royalty whenever she is curled up in her snow leopard print blanket she made. She really wants to learn how to play the piano. And guitar. And harp. And violin. But, she knows she doesn't have the patience for any.
-takes a deep breath-
She despite being a people person, she can't stand people. Let's just say a good eighty percent of you do NOT want to meet her on a bad day. Sudden mood swings and over emotional fits make Kuro feel insecure. Despite how beautiful something is, sometimes she can't make herself smile. Crying makes her feel weak. Even though she adores bad weather, she cannot stand tornadoes. They scare the daylights outta her.

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I can't wait for you to SHUT ME UP~



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Report | 10/17/2013 8:35 pm


I just dropped off my folks at the airport yesterday since they're going overseas for 3w to visit relatives o 3o Now the house seems a little too big and spacious... like your car <:3c But yes! An hour before we had to go, I tried to fit all the luggage in the trunk... and it somehow fit >u< During the ride, I scooted my seat forward and while my knees kept bumping against the dash sometimes my dad managed to fit comfortably in the back xD The issue now is when I pick them up from the airport; my sister will should be back by then, so my mom wants both of us to be there. I was hoping she'd drive her RAV4 home so I'd have a bigger car to pick them up, but apparently, being the princess she is, she cannot make the drive back alone so her bf is dropping her off on the way to his house 9 u9

I completely understand the feeling of being a manager w/o the manager title = 3= Back when I was working at Taco Bell, my friend and I were itching to take the certification for junior supervisor, since we had been working there long enough to be the ones training the nubs so we hoped we could snatch the title and extra monies while we were at it o uo;;;; My friend made junior supervisor 1st, which was lucky for me since I made the discovery that he made an entire $0.25 more than me every hour o no I ended up bailing on the cert and saved myself $50 cx I really hope a manager spot opens up for you kuro~ ; n;

Oh! And my test results came back and I passed miraculously w/ an 80% o.o I came out of it on the 2nd day afraid that I'd have to retake that thing again @ n@;;;;;

It looks like the two of us are in the same both when it comes to that better paying job xD Express said that they'll definitely let me know when there's a position befitting my qualifications, but now I'm 1/2 positive that they'll probli hire an 18yo out of high school w/ no prior work experience = 3=;;

I have sent a text your way! I had to dig around to see if I still had your number, and I believe I found it xD Hopefully you get it O uO;;;

Report | 10/08/2013 8:34 am


Oh! I'll be sure to send a text your way the next time I get on google voice O uO;;;;; I was really anticipating getting a BB for my next phone, but I've actually been using tablets more and more for everything, so I might try getting a Samsung Note 8.0 and use that as a phone xD I've seen ppl awkwardly use tablets as phones before, but since those galaxy s3/s4's are pretty much tablet size anyway I might as well give the Note a shot u vu

It sounds like everyone at work is using your skills and talents to the max = 3= Gosh, you should try and shoot for a managerial position and be the one gridding out the schedules e ne Costco would be a great place to work at though! Have they taken a bite at your resume? o 3o I just sent in my app for a seasonal sales assoc spot at Express, so hopefully they'll get back to me o no My dad was roflmao'ing when I told him where I was applying ;T He said folding clothes will be the best use of a MD that he's ever heard >.>;;;

After I finished my test, I was gearing up to return to pre-test levels of activity on gaia xD But idk, after I got back I don't feel the same gusto that I felt before :T Almost everyone that ik is gone save for you and a handful of others, and gaia is up to no good again artificially inflating the economy w/ cheap gc -> gold conversions, so even though I'm sitting on a ~40m fortune, I don't feel like I have anymore buying power than when I was starting out xD

My civic has been the perfect size for me since I bought it, but I'm taking my folks to the airport in a week or 2 and suddenly idk if I can fit them + their luggage comfortably in my little car x nx Sometimes I wonder if I should have just spent the extra $3k for an Accord xD Your car must be sooo roomy kuro * o*

Report | 09/30/2013 11:35 pm


Thank you~
I hope to see you again soon , o; <3

Report | 09/29/2013 10:13 am


Omgosh my neighbor got bit by a dog too >o> Poor kuro :c I hope you're doing better now c: Those doctors >:c ofc they should know that it's the lollis that make every thing better, not the rabies vaccine >u>;;;;

It's been such a hectic last few weeks @ n@

I sent out 120 residency apps on 9/15 after frantically tweaking personal statements the night before like the timely person I am u vu;;; Then it was a week of cramming for my 16h medical license test spread over tuesday and wednesday >n> On the drive home from the test center I was literally like ; n;
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I thought I could just sleep and consume Biscotti's until interviews happen, but my mom is condemning this behavior >o> so I'm starting the hunt for seasonal temp worker jobs o uo I kinda want to see if Express has any openings, since I want that employee discount > A> But all the ppl who work there are like model status so idk if this will pan out o no

It sounds like you're the go-to girl now xD Unfortunately you are so legendary at the workplace that you'll be constantly be surrounded by nubs idolizing you <:3c

I'm excited about your new phone! c: Are you getting another BB, or will it be a different kind of phone? o 3o Anyhoo, do let me know when it arrives and I'll send a welcome text your way o uo

Report | 09/28/2013 7:26 pm


Aw !
Its alright~
I understand. cool
I might be a little busy starting from next week though.
I have exams that lasts up to 3 weeks. ; u;
Wish me luck ! <3

Report | 09/14/2013 1:39 pm


Oh ?
Okay then , i'll go see you in Jigsaw. xD

Report | 09/14/2013 1:29 pm



Report | 09/14/2013 1:27 pm


Hmm , maybe. o wo
I can make a room in Fishing ! xD

Report | 09/14/2013 1:23 pm


Lol , my zomg still hasnt loaded. D:
Oh dear , oh dear. ; u;

Report | 09/14/2013 1:20 pm


D: </3


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