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Who I Am

This account is basically for me to role play as my OC, Takahashi Tobi (aka Kurochi). And yes, I want to be called Kurochi-sama (because Kurochi is self centered and mean like that XD). I might make an account thats just me, or not.

Anyways, I will introduce myself and things about me (through the perspective of my OC)

Name: Takahashi, Tobi

Nickname: Kurochi

Hair color: AtE--(After the Experiment) Dark Green, BtE--(Before) Black

Eye Color: AtE--Silver, BtE--Brown

Skin Tone: Dark Tan

Ethnicity: All sorts, my mother was a mixture of many and my father was Caucasian.

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, America.

D.O.B: September 13th, 1994

Height: Approx. 5'5

Weight: Approx. 110-120lbs.

Clothing: Long sleeve black loose shirt, big dark trench coat thats open, short black shorts, black skull cap, black high top boots, black fingerless gloves, backpack that hangs over one shoulder, going diagonal across my back (outside my trench coat). Yes, a lot of black indeed.

Background: ehh, my mom died when I was 3 and my father, though very young, took care of me and loved me with all his might. When I was taken away though, I never saw him again until I eventually wandered my way back to my home town and found his skeleton sprawled across a piano (since we played piano together a lot). Yeahhh...long story. Ask if you really wanna know.

((Once, again, I want to remind you this account is strictly RP. If you wish to chat with me OCC, then put it in parenthesis or some s**t like that. THANKS X3 Oh, and don't take anything I say to you too literal, like I said, Kurochi is MEAAANNN and a b***h, so what she says is stuff I most likely won't))

I suppose I'll update later. Ja'


~*~Slyly, Gently, I want to face someone without being able to throw away my dreams~*~


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Through the Perspective of Kurochi-sama

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