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im 16
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Darkness approaches
Once more I turn to melancholy
Turning in on myself
A period of introspection
Full of doubts
How will I find the light to guide me?
So long in the darkness
Isolated and alone
Time passes by
One empty day after another
Should I end it all?
Is that the only answer?
What happens if I do nothing?
A slow decline
Into middle age and still further on
Into old age
Still nothing has been achieved
A few small successes along the way
But is that enough to save me?
Will God reject my soul as empty and shallow?
Will I be handed to the Devil to hang from the gallows?

souls without names.......
The fires of Hell burn bright
In the middle of the night
Waiting for an angel to fall
No hope of salvation at all
A poor lost soul
Is swallowed up whole
Consumed in the flames
They are souls without names
The fires are ablaze
In this fiendish maze
Consumed by guilt and shame
There is no one else to blame
The fires are aglow
As you sink so low
The Devil has cast his spell
You face eternity in Hell

User Image
no name
My lust dances on blasphemous night
Worms shudder with midnight brilliance
I slice mocking despair
Faith lies weeping virginal despair
Worms shroud blackened void
Hunger plucks yearning innocents
A black cat lies weeping dark caresses
A dull knife permeates cringing impudence
My lust consumes helpless needles
Jesus curses velvet penance
Everything whispers tainted despair
Bats shudder with clandestine innocence
Your touch unleashes leathery passion
The Muse writhes velvet minions
Souls collapse from lethargic caresses
Worms shroud fleeting beauty

a confession of the soul
I am awash in blood and pain
I am devilish and cruel
your soul leaves the inner thought
tears of blood stream from my wrist
utterly unloved, my only companion is the darkness
The fallen, the outcast, the dark angels
my soul is dead and nothing is left
one day i too will take life
endless life in the darkness

i need time to rest... wheres the nearest undertaker?


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KixxAngel Report | 01/30/2009 9:58 pm
Wow I luv your profile.the poems are awesome!!
i love men 2 deth Report | 03/27/2008 5:12 am
Is it even a word ????? + HAPPY EASTER User Image
i love men 2 deth Report | 02/24/2008 3:06 am
yeah slim pickings here to my gf lives 20 miles away but she goes to my school so it's not too bad User Image you just have to think outside the box as it were then maybe you will find someone
i love men 2 deth Report | 02/02/2008 5:38 am
No I Don't mind you asking I was in a relationship for 5 months 3 weeks and 3 days which ended two weeks ago if you don't mind i would prefere not to go into the details as to why it ended but we got back together last thursday and we have to keep it secret for a few weeks cause her friends absolutely hate me even though they don't know me and have wanted to kill me for quite some time so how are you on the romantic front ? If You Don't Mind Me sking User Image
i love men 2 deth Report | 01/30/2008 7:24 am
Wow that yellow one is exactly how i feel these days no lie it really is And it's nice to see that i'm not the only one with these feelings.......i'm not alone........thank you xxx
i love men 2 deth Report | 01/19/2008 9:00 am
And Just Like Before Your Poems Have Lifted My Sorrows And Beaten Back The Ever-Lingering Threat Of My Own Dark Depression Thank You
i love men 2 deth Report | 01/09/2008 2:36 pm
Yeah I was wondering how you were getting on too and just thought i'd ask if you had any more poetry ?
i love men 2 deth Report | 01/05/2008 9:36 am
Yeah I'm Good It's Been A While How Have You Been Keeping???
Tenchi-Kane-no-Kami Report | 12/14/2007 4:33 pm
EyeEatBrains Report | 12/11/2007 10:28 pm
long time no see


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say you'll do it,
but you lie,
now its time,
for you to fly,
hide the truth,
what i seek,
boldeness over comes the weak,
hit me, beat me,
until i bleed,
tree of evil,
you planted the seed,
take their roots,
in this soil,
together we are like, vinager and oil
wicked deeds take you roots,
tree will blossom, evil fruits,
rose buds black,
lying about what you lack
now its time for you to see,
bitter fruit of this bitter tree

I sit here by myself and cry,
I wonder what happened to me.
I know that I can never return,
To what I once knew so dearly.

I have encaged myself with the beast,
I battle it with all I have in me.
I have won the fight again and again,
But this time, the victor, I shall not be.

The torment I suffer is not of the world,
It transcends the terror of humanity.
I have fought and bled a thousand deaths,
Yet I am still here, trapped by insanity.

My love for others have been shattered,
My heart has been hardened from pain.
My torture is far from over,
My sorrow is not in vain.

I fear my shadow, my own reflection,
The hatred inside me that causes infection.
My freezing touch, my burning lips,
Blind my vision when sanity slips.

ode to your misery

Confusion lies within your mind, and
through a brief darkness you will never leave
behind. You will suffer through misery and
pain, and only depression will remain.
As you lay yourself to sleep, spiders and
such will slowly creep. In what heart you
have, misery will dwell. Have a marvelous
time...burning in hell.

falling down not getting up
telling lies and poping pills
all this life and no more thrills
wanting to ******** and touch and scream
wishing all else a ******** dream
the biggest evil's you and me
to think we'd fall as hard and fast
cant stand the numbness in my head
dont want to get out of bed
losing jobs for self infliction
getting hooked on a new addiction
im losing touch with life its self
just as well you wont help
carving love into your flesh
makes such a lovely mess
do you know how much you ment
in the dictionary i am there
under recluse,sad,dispare
wishing months would disapear
all because your not here
sorry doesnt seem to work
hell if it was the other way around
i wouldnt let you make a sound
i can make everything go away
but only if you dont let me stay....