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    Just say Hey.

    hiii, my name is Erin.
    I've been on gaia since...
    April 24, 2008 to be exact,
    On and off of course, & I've met some nice people on here
    at one point but since then they've quit which sucks but,
    it's always nice to make new friends right ?
    So, I'm from California. woo... >.> be jealous.
    I'm currently 18 and
    going to college for Graphic Design :s
    My favorite colour is Navy Blue.
    I absolutely love classic rock and
    "old" music from the 70's or so.
    {{Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, AC.DC, etc.}}
    butttt i do like some new stuff so.. ya n_n
    if you would like to know anything else, just ask!

    I like telling jokes, so if you're ever
    in the mood to smile, ask meeee for a joke


    alice:i simply must get through!
    doorknob: sorry, you're much too big. simply impassible.
    alice: you mean impossible?
    doorknob: no, impassible. nothing's impossible.
    -alice in wonderland