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Name: Kurisu Rachel Thunderous.
Age: A true lady never reveals her age. She is immortal anyways so its irrelivant.
Marital Status: Happily Married to Tenou Thunderous.
Kurisu Rachel Thunderous was born Elizabeth Rachel Houser. She was the first child her parents, Wes and Liza, brought into this world. A few years later her sister, Fiona, was born. Kurisu has always had a morbid curiosity for the strange and dangerous. Which is probably why in she married the high school 'bad boy' Daniel. She regretted that descision as soon as she woke up in the hospital the day after the wedding. Daniel told authorities that Kurisu was so overjoyed she got on the bannister of the balcony and lost her balance and fell. Truth is.. Daniel had tossed her over. Noone would listen to her though.

A year into the abusive marriage Kurisu became pregnant, she prayed the beatings would stop... they didn't. She gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl whom she called Rhiannon. A short time later, she realized she was pregnant again. Terrified she told Daniel and he was so irate he stabbed her in the stomach several times. Fearful, pumped with adrenaline, and in severe pain... Kurisu ran. She ended up in an alley. Laying there on the brink of death, Kurisu barely made out the image of a striking young man with sharp blue eyes and wheat colored hair.

Several days later she woke up in his mansion, starving.. but not for food. The man, Cyrus, had found her and desperate for a companion took the advantage and turned her into a vampire. Kurisu spent several months with the man till she grew to be repulsed by his activities. She soon found her rescue with two men. Max and Nolen. VVEM assassins sent to kill Cyrus. She ran with them.
Kurisu grew bored with her life, bouncing from one bartending job to another. She ventured out on her own. At a random bar, she watched a very silly man on a table with a guitar and lampshade on his head. Intrigued about this mysterious man she followed him out. Little did she know she was about to meet the man she would spend eternity with. They danced and she fell in love with him.

Soon they were married, had a family, and surrounded by friends. They had 3 kids.. twins Kale and Seregon, and a little girl Aphrodite. Their life was anything but ordinary, it was exciting, filled with drama and intense situations. But it was her life and Kurisu was happy with it.

Till the news came.

She was told that the man she loved, had died. It was a lie, but she wouldn't find that out till much later. Kurisu's world came crashing down around her. She became distant, cold, and violent. She spent most of her time pissing off the VVEM and blowing it up. In an effort to protect her from them her son, Kale, was killed. This sent her into a deeper depression.

It took her some time but she finally came to the grim terms that he was not coming home and she decided to move on with her life. Thats when she met Ghost. A strange but caring man. She was interested in him and they began seeing each other.

Ghost soon proposed to her and she accepted. Then the feelings of guilt and regret surfaced. She wasnt ready to marry him. She would be betraying Tenou. She began to grow distant again, thinking about Tenou constantly. One night while lying in bed, she woke with a start. She had to go back to her bar. She couldn't explain why.. but she had to. When she got there she hit her knees. Standing before her was the only man she could ever give herself to. Tenou. He had returned! He told her that the news of his death was a lie.

They are now together, getting to know each other again... and living their life. Though she vows that if they ever take him away again she will kill them. They have welcomed a new son into the world Sentu.

Kurisu and Tenou
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