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    tmblr husband
    heyo. my name is panda. i'm a 27 y/o goblin
    this is my dumb face.
    i have a passion for writing, artistic things, pretty things, spoopy things and just the little pleasures in life. i'm a fairly simple person.
    i like anime, manga, gaming, writing, reading, and the occasional art.
    i'm irl married.
    i'm not really good at making or keeping friends b/c i'm kind of awkward lol. and i forget to talk to ppl.
    i work a shitty retail job, so i'm not around as much as i'd like to be.
    if you'd like to talk, feel free to hmu.
    i'm a little shy, and a little scatterbrained, but that doesn't mean i won't be your friend.


Nick Leerie

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