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"Mirai no Eve" by Ali Project


Well, normally I don't get involved with sites that exist for the sake of creating communities ... but ... this is a place that greatly differs from what I'm used to avoiding. I'm doubting just how long I'll be around since I typically don't socialize. This place has potential, so I'll be around trying to find things to keep me busy.

Most incarnations of myself have similar names, so you'd likely recognize me if you find me elsewhere. The primary name I go by across the internet is TerraGamerX. Then in roleplaying environments I go by a name involving one of these names or a combination of: kurai, kage, kaji, -shi, -chi. Then in online first-person shooters, I go by DecoyJoe typically (yes, it is because I dive in the enemy's line of sight and lack any accuracy that could possibly hope to save me from a quick death). Feel free to call me Joe outside of areas like this.

Intelligence is my strength. If you encounter me on any form of a battlefield I will be analyzing you to death, quite literally. I lack raw power in most areas, such as accuracy for a FPS or reflexes for a fighter, but my ability to read opponents and act responsively is what brings me victory most often (yet I'm doomed if there's limitations that put brawn over brains).

Although it's far from my career of choice, many consider me to be a capable counselor. I've assisted several people with many areas that could often need some advising, such as relationships. Although I don't think I've ever counseled someone out of the blue whom I know nothing about. One way or another, feel free to ask for my words of wisdom anytime for anything. I always have some advice.

Last few points...

I have a page on Wikipedia. I won't give the direct link so as to avoid visitors, for it is highly underdeveloped (well, at least it is very dissatisfying). But you can find it perhaps with trial and error.

I am a leader of a clan for Nintendo-WiFi games, kinda against my will. The clan leader abandoned it shortly after founding it, so I carried it on since I developed our site. But I don't really have any ambitions to lead the clan on, except for this next detail...

I have been in the midst of creating a Bleach RPG. Full title is Bleach RPG: The Other Side. It has kinda been in limbo for half-a-year now, with very minimal progress being made. I emphasize that it is nothing big. It will certainly not get its own site, and I cannot handle a moderate to large population so I will not mass-advertise. That being said, I have a teaser on YouTube. I plan to release an updated teaser with original content, and later a trailer or two (can't do a trailer without the finished product).


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SBugLove Report | 12/05/2007 9:01 pm
You should come on Gaia again lol
SBugLove Report | 09/02/2007 6:29 pm
Hey joe!!
Dameon of the Trinity Report | 08/18/2007 4:40 am
Dameon of the Trinity
This is actually a legend that I've been constructing since I was in 3rd grade. Over the years I have refined my understanding of the universe until I discovered the 3 greatest forces acting on the universe: Eternity - Time and Space, Infinity - Matter and Energy, and Oblivion - the ability to stop. The introduction of these forces into existence at different times fits into the Big Bang Theory.

In the last universe there grew five great consciousnesses. When these five converged within a confined space (relatively speaking, it would probably be about the size of a star system) They tore the universe apart and wiped everything away. In the void all that remained were the five - omnipotent yet balanced.

Then two of them brushed against each other and "infected" each other. Suddenly the two infected were drawn together - an undesirable condition within the void. The first of the uninfected sacrificed itself through the Spell of Eternity and became the dimensions and time of the universe. This slowed the infected, but it did not stop them. Soon the second of the three gave itself to the Spell of Infinity. This filled the gaps between the dimensions and some of the infinite leaked onto the planes through singular weak points (big bang). But even this did not stop the infected, now notable as gods. In the end the final uninfected gave itself to the Spell of Oblivion. Suddenly the infinite began to condense: the free energy became mass (as scientists believe happened some few million years after the Big Bang), mass became nebulae, stars, planets and the organisms upon them. This applied to the infected gods as well. The two were confined to corporeal forms and their merger became almost impossible.

The two now began to build the universe they had been given. They watched and exerted subtle influences as time progressed. Eventually they settled into the identities humans tend to classify as Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Female and Male, Yin and Yang. The last of these names is the most accurate for these two gods, for each contained a part of the other within themselves - the infection from which the universe was born. As time went on (as it now did) they began to develop personalities and stances and then they began to conflict with one another. In the years that followed the gods became more aggressive toward one another until finally they broke apart at the close of a battle.

Dameon and his sister Aura are the two halves of the light god. Dameon is composed of one part each darkness and light while Aura is composed entirely of light.

*gives it time to sink in*

Like I said, it's been in development for over 10 years.
Dameon of the Trinity Report | 08/17/2007 12:20 am
Dameon of the Trinity
I like your style. Emotionless red eyes, neutral expression, long flowing hair, and your traveling cloak.
Riddle-Me-This Report | 08/02/2007 10:38 pm
hmmm I might lose my green flames eventually... but I did make a request to Juno for it to be made into an actual item... so maybe something will become of that.
SBugLove Report | 08/02/2007 3:48 pm
Your online joe!
SBugLove Report | 07/19/2007 9:37 am
You're probably not going to see this for a while because Barret told me about your computer lol.

I've been doing ok on here. Been posting on the forums a lot and doing puzzles everything i need money. But i'm a girl and love to spend money lol
Kurai Kagechi Report | 07/12/2007 4:09 am
Kurai Kagechi
I always check the profile of those who purchase my items, so I can know what future awaits my items User Image
Effruin Report | 07/08/2007 3:15 pm
User Image

You've visited my profile, and I don't know who you are. So now, I'm commenting on your profile.


So, did you enjoy checking out my profile?

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