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I wish I knew just the right words to say
To tell you the pain I go through every passing day
To reach my arms out and beg you to stay
But my arms are numb and my voice is still
My heart aches for you now and the moment is still
Time has frozen as you walk silently away
I feel it in the depths of my shattering soul now
I will never see you again as the rain begins to pour down
I am soaked to the bone, both rain and tears crash around
But I stand there silently, my cries not making a single sound
I deeply wish I knew just the right words to say
So I could have made sure you never went away

Art By ComtesseDeGloire

In Dreams

I hear you calling to me from far away
I race toward the sound of your voice
Moving like a shadow in the night
Your voice begins to grow faint
I quicken my pace and beg for you to stay
I promised you I would not abandon you any day
I can see you now waiting for me by the tree
And as I near closer so I can hear you clearly
You whisper to me to awake and all stands still
And as I reach out to take your hand in mine
I awake to moonlight and shadow around me
A dream is where I looked for you
And in dreams is where I will find you again
If only for a moment we can spend together
Then I will live that moment in my dreams forever


Another scar from another blade
The blood pools flood the ground
The enemies fall all around me
The pain they inflict decreases
As my own numbness increases
The days continue ever on
We reach a breaking point
But continue past it
Never saying we quit
Not once uttering we are done
So we press ever onward
Our swords in hand
We will see this through to the end
And die in honor of that which we defend


I am an artist
I am an actor
I am a lone-wolf
I am a fighter
I am a dreamer
I am a lover
I am a failure
I am everything you love
I am everything you hate
I am nothing to admire
And yet to some I do inspire
I am a brother, next to kin
I am an Allie and a friend

My name is Kazemauru, Kaze for short. I am not like most people. I am a very sweet guy, love to help people out, however i can. I am always here to listen and always here to help. I love anime, video games, reading and writing. Want to get to know me? Add me =) always love to have new friends. Just no shallowness and no prejudice please. All are welcome to me. Gays, bi-sexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, furries, straight, it does not matter to me, I welcome you all =) a friend is a friend, end of story. We all go through hard times, great and small. If you ever need someone to turn to, I will always offer a friendly ear and a shoulder to cry on, all you have to do is trust me. I owe so very much to my Ruth.... She showed me that we are all human, everyone of us. I am thankful for thank very much!

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MAKE DAT SHYT PUBLIC, SON emotion_bigheart
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Haaaai! Awe that's pretty :3 heart , how have you been?
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All your nesting dolls for 400m each?
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Thanks for buying. Love your poems :*

"You're fat" "You're ugly" "You're stupid" "No one will ever want you" "No one will ever date you" "You should just kill yourself"

These are the words so many hear every passing day. These are things said by the devils that surround us on a daily basis, and I do not just mean our peers. These can be teachers, strangers, so called friends, authority figures and yes, god forbid, our own family. these are the nails of Judgment and persecution that are hammered into our brain and rammed through our hearts by the hammer we call society. These are just a few of the blades that carve our aspect of who we are into such a horrible angle that we have the hardest time seeing who we really are. They replace the real mirror with that of one from a fun house so every time we try and see ourselves for the gorgeous creature we are, all we see is something that could have only come from the lowest dungeon of Frankenstein's twisted castle. And the world points at us and says we are to blame. We are weak, we are "too soft". We are told to suck it up and move on, but how can you move on from something that never ends? How can you heal the cuts when they are re-opened day after wretched day? When the easiest answer to the hardest question is to just give up, to give in to the pain and embrace the darkness that lays before us? And when we cry out for help and no one answers, what then? What is possibly left for us in a world that doesn't understand, or more accurately, a world that doesn't WANT to understand? Who do you turn to when the whole world seems to have its back to you? It is at this low, pain-filled, almost seeming-less dead end that we look for the others. We look for the ones like us. The outcast and deserted, all band together because they know the pain and suffering. And at first, it seems pointless, but soon, the numbers grow, and the pain is shared. A family is formed by those of us who know the pain and have had enough. Things will never be perfect, the world we live in will see to that. But those of us who are the outcast and the unwanted, we know the pain, and we won't stand for it anymore.

Take my hand, let me help, for you are not alone.
Kurahara Kazemauru

I wrote all poems that are here on my page ^^ And I also took the photos that I display here. Please, no stealing~

We are the shadows that glide in moonlight...