Hey all my name is Fabian, I'm 20 going to college, I'm Gay and i live in Washington. I love music and playing my piano. I'm very timid. I Teach at my dojo and I'm the Aikido and Kendo teacher there. Always fun getting thrown around by little kids and coming home broken. i can be really sassy and a real b***h but you know that's just me, and i am that way because i don't like it when people get to close to me. I'm very timid as an individual but once you get to know me I will never shut up (if i like you, should i hate you don't bother to ******** talk to me i'm only going to kick your a** for annoying me). Anyways love me, hate me i don't care up to you.

i live how i want to live.
buy what i want to buy.
do what i want to do.
try What i want to try.
fear nothing, take chances.
not afraid to fail, always making advances.
so when it's time to ride the grim reaper highway.
no regrets b***h, i did it my way.

it's because i am living in a world created to destroy;
a friend once said that it would be this way.
it's because the person i am and the person i want to be are fighting each
other constantly, and i honestly couldn't tell you which side is winning.
it's because i can't ever make a decision, let alone the right one.
it's because i live day to day but only due to the fact i can't think
too far ahead without worrying myself. it's because my mind works
differently then most. it's because i keep everything to myself and
don't know how to trust anyone. it's because i always return what i'm
given. it's because i wish on stars hoping that one day it will come true.
it's because all the pictures that i have drawn come to life,
nothing is make believe to me. it's because i fully believe that the
only thing that never changes is change itself.
and all of this is because of who i am. i won't lie,
i am a good person but i am nothing special.

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Total Value: 794,985 Gold
After Exclusions: 715,000 Gold
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Item List:
Custom Cut
Chequered Punk
Edmund's Underwear
White Bakeneko Ears
White Bakeneko Tail
Chain Link Belt
Red Skull Pincushion Fascinator
Drop Dead Gorgeous Stone Skull Choker
Devilish Leg Warmers
Devilish Sleeves

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Total Value: 226,200 Gold
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Item List:
Black Reading Glasses
Crescent Cowl
Lite Rainbow
Lite Rainbow
Lite Rainbow

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