Hello everyone. My nickname is Tabby-Kat.My Japanese name is Homura.
I am 17 years old.
I am almost done High School,and i am so happy about it.
I live in Canada,and its a beautiful place to be in.
There are 6 people in my family,my mom,dad,and my 3 brothers.
2 are older,and 1 younger.Its OK after you get used to it.

I am a Huge Pokemon fan,i love anything to do with Pokemon,i love all the games,shows,movies,and toys and dolls.
Pokemon means alot to me,because it makes me happy when i am around
or talking about it.
Shaymin and Piplup,are like soul mates to me,they are the cutest,they make me happy when i see them.
I love to hug my Piplup doll when im feeling sad,and it makes me feel so much better ^^

I am a picky eater,the things that i love to eat the most are fruits and veggies.
i dont eat meat! its really gross!
I love bread and some dairy products..but im not a big fan of milk.
Im not a pizza fan either..its just not my thing.
I love Chinese food,its sooo good ^^
but i hardly ever get it -_-.....

I have many thing that i like.
I love Pokemon,and all the Pokemon.

One of my fav things to read are Pokemon manga,and these are movies too,they are
:Giratina and the Sky Worrior
razz okemon and the Sea Temple
razz okemon Diamond and Pearl Adventures
razz okemon Rise of Darkrai
razz okemon Gold and Silver
razz okemon Destiny Deoxys

I love to read
and sleep,and sky-gaze
One of my fav shows are Full Metal Alchemist
I love animals,all my fav animals are black and white (weird huh?)
but my fav animal in the world is the Orca.
its so beautiful,and everything about it is just wonderful!

There are a few things that i dislike.
i dont like cats, bugs, frogs
death note(anime show) , Sakura and Sasuke from Naruto
crazy fangirls who ruin everything
I hate girls and guys who think they are all that.
And emo people(god sasuke is the perfect example of emo XD).

:I love Edward from Full Metal Alchemist. And Roy too,they are both well brought up characters.
:I love Renton and Eureka from Eureka Seven,Renton was a character that i always wanted to listen to,hes one of my top 5 fav chars ^^

My fav characters of all time are from Pokemon (of course)
they are
Gary Oak,
Jun ( Barry in English)
Hikari (Dawn)
Satoshi (Ash)
Jackie Walker (Pokemon Ranger)
Hareta (Lucas)
Roark, 4th gen. Gym Leader
Byron, Roark father,also 4th gen. Gym Leader

and many more...

Shaymin,the Gratitude Pokemon,who is from the newest Gen. of Pokemon.
Number #492,Shaymin,can evolve into a Sky-Forme when it gets into contact
with a flower called a Gracidia flower.
But the effect is that the Gracidia flower,can only be activated during the day,when night falls,the Shy-Forms will turn back into Land-Forme,until the next day,when it gets back into contact with the flowers.

Shaymins love gratitude.When you show your love and gratitude,flower will grow on the Shaymin.

Also,the flower thats on Shaymin side of its head,can absorb toxins in the air,purifies them in its body then releases a amount of energy and explodes,thats called Seed Flare.
One of Shaymin's well known attacks.

Now you know a little bit more about Shaymin.
i hope you love Shamin as much as i do ^^

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