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Hello There! im krystol! i have figured out what to say for this thing, sosososo bear(rawr!) with me k? ^^ some things i like are photography, reading,sweets,awing(aww!),writing,playing,animals(not bugs!),anime,eating(yumm!)and music....im sure theres more but then i would run out of room! uhm i do go to school(gaaaayDX) and im not good at it. I have always wanted a gay boy as my bff.....I FINALLY HAVE ONEE!(♥s you ton-ton!)
thier just so much eaiser to talk to(: okaaay then, uhm i love avi art please make some for me? you dont have to though!!(i dont want you to feel you have to!) im the first to start a fight at school, but if i saw somebody hurt i would ask if they were ok^^ thats just the way i am....you dont have to like it, you dont have to love it, you have to respect it......sorry if thats pushy! (DX) hahaha ok so i think thats filled enough? if not ohhh well! buh-byee my visitors, i ♥'s you for visiting me!

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KrystolFox....Oh My God! Thats Me!

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Birthday: 12/18

Some Songs I Adore! ( They Change A Lot :D )

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hope you like it took me a week to make it just right!! ♥

hope you like this one too ♥