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Birthday: 09/13/1990

Occupation: Prince

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"I'm beautiful in my way
Because God makes no mistakes.
I'm on the right track baby,
I was born this way."


Gender Queer
♍ Virgo
Knight of Light
Ace Trainer

> Hello I'm Kris.
> I'm kinda like a boy... Just not.
> I'm twenty-two.
> I answer to Kris, Kristoph, and Kristopher.
> I'm in every way an artist.
> I love to read.
> I have a firm belief in love, life, happiness, the unbelievable, and the impossible.
> Black and gray is my thing.
> I'm almost always wearing one or the other.
> I have an irrational love for anything .hack// related.
> I also have irrational hate towards the people that don't respect artists.
> I am a nerd, dork, goof, and a loser.
> At least I'm cute.

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[b:9d47a6ab93]Gender Queer(f)[/b:9d47a6ab93]
[i:9d47a6ab93]"Dear my love, sweet morning light
Wait for me, you've gone much farther, too far" [/i:9d47a6ab93]♥
I RP occasionally
Random PMs are nice (:
[.Macabre.Soliloquy.] is my moirail.
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