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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Hello,
I'm kristina.

-& Tennis breh
-also astronomy is
pretty rad

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Thanks for visiting.

VampirexPrincess18 on 11/17/2019


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Angel of illusions Report | 11/29/2016 4:24 pm
Angel of illusions
Woof ;3
YaMomsSenpai Report | 02/12/2016 5:50 pm

Hey there !! I used to be Miss Mad Hatter on here !
I had been looking through my old profiles and saw that we used to be pretty good friends ! How trippy !
How are you ?
Angel of illusions Report | 03/26/2014 9:02 am
Angel of illusions
Italian But A Mix Of Other Origins, From The Recipes My Family Cooks From Him They Are Amazing!Lol

Mine Would Be Hispanic & Italian Since I Cook Both & Am Both xD

You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind Too <3

Oh Wow Dedication! I Know You Will Do Great, Don't Get Yourself Down You Are A Wonderful Person! <33
Angel of illusions Report | 03/25/2014 9:08 pm
Angel of illusions
Yay I'm Special ;3

I Wanted To Open A Restaurant In My Grandfathers Name I Didn't Get To Meet Him But He Owned A Handful Of Restaurants So i Wanted To Keep The Legacy Going
I Hear A Lot About His Success.

What Are You Planning To Do?
Angel of illusions Report | 03/25/2014 8:53 pm
Angel of illusions
I've Always "Tolerated"(Whatever That Means Hehe) You I Love You Mucho <3

I Know It's So Hard To Hold Back Sometimes With So Many Cute Things This Spring Dx

My Major Is Business Administration. Yours?
Angel of illusions Report | 03/25/2014 8:33 pm
Angel of illusions
I'm 20 LOL I've Been On My Own For A Long Time So Adulthood Hit Years Ago xD

I'll Msg You About That Then ;x But Of Course If You Want More Contact With Me xP

I Worked & Did Some Shopping Then Went Out xD

It's School So Same Old Same Old xD Some Classes Are Intense But I've Been Doing This For 2 Years Now So Again Same Old Same Old ;]

Nope Def. Love Your Face More!

Angel of illusions Report | 03/25/2014 8:23 pm
Angel of illusions
Ahhhh!!!! I Miss You Girlll!!

I'm Great! Today's My Birthday So I Feel Old LOL XD

Lot's O Things, College, Work Not A Teen Anymore xP

& Thank You <3

Love Your Face ;3
Angel of illusions Report | 02/26/2014 9:11 pm
Angel of illusions
Come Back ;x
fenslyy Report | 02/16/2013 4:01 pm
I'd be alright with my kids watching something like scooby doo
But I don't want them being raised on treehouse or something
Those children's shows that ale them horrible
I wouldn't be able to deal with Dora 24/7 lol
fenslyy Report | 02/15/2013 11:18 pm
or if i start having kids.
lol i dont want them getting the idea they can
spend everywaking hour on something like this

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゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ

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Sort of on a hiatus.