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Birthday: 06/18


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Merry Christmas!<3

kristin; thats my name! Only a few things to say. I love my friends && Family. I have tons a friends.Kaila, Nicky, Sarah, Kirie, Tori, Abby, Sami, Ashton, Leah, Amy and so much more.. anyway. When I say something I mean it; youll know im not kidding. Im very outgoing. My lifes pretty good. oh! and by the way im not on gaia for relationship purposes so get that out of your mind already! Im only here to talk play games && just have fun! and dont ask me for my picture/ myspace / e-mail/ phone number or anything because im not gonna give it to you. If i wanted you to have it it would be on my profile. Anyway, I think Paris Hilton is a amazing person even though most people i know hate her but i look up to her(; uhh... Im terrified of elevators... I always think once i get in one the doors are never gonna open; Well thats all. ily<3


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xoskittleslovexo Report | 12/05/2009 10:09 am
vamipress_of-the_dark Report | 12/30/2008 3:26 pm
I am ok but someone hacked me and took my 2k thats about it.
vamipress_of-the_dark Report | 12/29/2008 5:09 am
yaaaa i remember you hpw are you
tootsie roll 89 Report | 12/22/2008 2:15 pm
tootsie roll 89
PrettehDollie Report | 12/16/2008 2:52 pm
pm me?
sexy danity Report | 12/12/2008 7:17 am
sexy danity
Musicgirl20 Report | 12/09/2008 6:18 pm
Musicgirl20 Report | 12/08/2008 6:35 pm
i know they always get ur hopes up LOL
Musicgirl20 Report | 12/08/2008 4:41 pm
that stuff never ever works LOL srry but i wish!
luckyloverrr42 Report | 12/04/2008 1:14 pm
lotz of u look a like

These people right hurr; are people that i know in REAL life(;

You see this girl right here? Her username is "amanda4real" she is a hacker,

she told me to type in my password on gaia because it comes out as stars,

so i typed actuall stars

& shes like "you didn't type your password you just typed

stars" So she must know some type of hack that unlocks .

the actual stars and shows the writing, how else could

she of known i didnt type my password, i just typed

stars. so block her so wee can get her account deleted

before someone really does get hacked by her. Than once you deny her,

she starts throwing a pitty excuse like "im used to rejection,

my dad left me when i was a baby" so just ignore it. shes a fake, & a hacker.

REPORT HER, she needs to be deleted