This Guy.

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I love to laugh and joke. If one cannot laugh at one's own self who else are you entitled to laugh at? I have no problem being the butt of a joke!

Give me my beautiful Pearl kit and a Mic and you pick up a guitar and we can have a song written before the day is over.
My band needs a bassist.. : / I never thought it would be hard to find a bassist!

I need more anime... Give Me MOAR! scream
I used to play a whole lot of video games... but I no longer do sweatdrop
I am a movie nerd... well.. a nerd in general! 3nodding

I like friends and talking to people... once I get to know you good luck getting me to shut up.(hint: cheesecake will work for a short amount of time)

I don't know too many things to put here so why not just message me and find out more? dramallama