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'Tis true, mi amor wink <3


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hahaa just thought i'd add a little something!
Name: Amanda
Birthdate: 8/13/93
Birthplace: austin BABY!
Current Location: on your bed and in your pants. where else would i be?
Eye color: brown
Hair color: dark brown...kinda auburn in the summerrr i'm a freak like that
Height: 5'4''
Piercings: nope... lame, i know
Tattoos: does a henna count? haha jk
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: yes'sr! and he's amazing <3
Overused phrase: "eyyyy my sexy lova!", "That's sexy/hot", " that's a turn-on","I'd take a bite outta THAT pancake wink " oh and " that's hardcore right thar!" "clothes are soooo overrated" (right dan!? haha) oh snap, i almost forgot... the ever popular "i'd tap that" lol
Food: the edible kind? haha jk.. pffft i dunno..oh wait...steakkk.. ya, i'm a fatty
Candy: dude.. it's candy. lol.. welll i gotta have my chocolate
Number: 13, 8117, 9
Color(s): army green or navy blue
Animal: cat. love all animals though
Drink: mmmmm pina colada
Body part on the opposite sex: haha this mad eme laugh a bit but honestly? ummmm... eyes, smile,.welll their face lol
Pepsi or Coke? coke
McDonalds or Burger King? ewwww both are nastyyyy
Strawberry or Watermelon? mmm watermelon
Hot tea or Iced tea? iced tea
Chocolate or Vanilla? swirllll lol. once again, i'm a fatty
Kiss or Hug? both are good lol wink
Dog or Cat? cat
Summer or Winter? summerrrr... beach hot guys= fun time
Scary movies or Funny movies? love both cant pick
Love or Money? love. no duh
Bedtime: when i feel like going to bed
Best physical feature: wellll..i've been told that it's my smile... but i dunno.
First thought waking up: go back to sleep
Goal for this year: I give up on staying out of trouble. We haven't even been through 6 weeks and i've been called into the office 9 times.
Best friends: MORGAN, LINDSAY, LISA, JESSIE... and those were just the ladies... for my boysss : ADAM, THE DAN MAN, and WILLAYYYY
Weakness: mmmm... i have a temper lol
Fears: my brother's face. harsh, i know. i dunno... cant think of any
Heritage: ummmm french canadian, irish, blackfoot indian, something, something else, something else... 7 other things, and taiwanese
Longest relationship: 1 1/2 years. that was a good run... right blondie?
Drank? maybeeee
Smoked? ew no
Done pot? no wayyyyy
Been drunk? nope
Been beaten up? ... honestly? pffft yeah right!
Beaten someone up? yaaaaaaaaaaa. like i said.. i have a temper XD
Shoplifted? no way. i'm no criminal..but i have run from the law a few times.. but for stupid things... fun times, fun times
Skinny dipped? when i was real little hahah
Kissed the opposite sex? ohhhhh yeah. fun stuff haha
Been dumped lately? nope
Eye color: BLUE hahaha.. well green and brown are hot too
Hair color: BLONDE... i know, blonde hair blue eyes..but brown hair.. and red and black are cool too
Short or long hair? not freakishly short, but not long...
Height: ummmm taller than me? haha most people are XD
Style: anything really... not wierd or creepy
Looks or Personality? personality. of course
Hot or Cute? doesn't matter.. looks are a bonus, and so far, I've been lucky!!
Drugs and alcohol? almost everyone's gonna start drinking sooner or later, but not alot... but drugs are a MAJOR turn-off
Muscular or Really skinny? in between lol.
What country do you want to visit? italy. wanna visit capital of ancient rome. yeah, i'm a nerd
Do you like Thunderstorms? yeah. they're tight
Been to a mall lately? no... but i gotta go soon
Find yourself attractive? ew.. not really :/
Believe in yourself? kinda.. i guess.. yeah.
Want to go to college? yes sir
Been in love? well... I'm not sure if it's love.. but it's something awesomely amazingly incredibleeeeee <3
Sing? kinda... it's pretty bad
Want to get married? ummm..i dunno.
Want children? same as above
Have their names planned out? nope
Are you a virgin? um CHYAAAAAA!! of course! if you dont believe me.. then screw you!!!! and not in the sexual way..calm down, guys jk jk ahhhhh..i make myself laugh
Hate anyone? yea... they know who they are.

I added some fun stuff haa!!!
Your Friends
Who is the...
Loudest?: meeeeeeeeeee hahhah jk.. ummmm. that's a hard one
Quietest?: serene. by far
Weirdest?: we're all weird
Smartest?: serene. quiet and smart. she'll get far in life lol
Funniest?: adam, dan, will., i miss him
Most energetic?: that's another hard one lol
Least energetic?: ummmmm... I dont know. Caroline?
Preppiest?: morgan. no question about it.
Blondest?: morgan! haha..even though she DOES dye her hair. wait... her hair's not blonde, but jess..or maybe Lynde. I have a few lol
One you can trust with anything?: Willay, Lindsay. ya know, they'd make a really cute couple
Best friend?: mentioned my lovers earlier
Most likely to end up in jail?: morgan, adam, dan, CJ, jake...MAYBE will. But hey, i'd be right there with them
Cutest?: mmm cutest is will...hottest is ADAM. there's a difference haha
Daredevil?: the dan man but i love him for itttt
Shortest?: byung haha poor girly
Tallest?: CJ babyyyy
Would you die for your friends?: a million times over
Do you have a crush on any of your friends?: yeahhhhhhh but then again. Who DOESN'T have a crush on him? yeah, you know who I'm talking about wink


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Kitty's Lack of Privacy

this journal is mainly gonna be about exciting things that happen to me..*cough* *cough* everyday practically


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the next blaine Report | 11/07/2008 3:25 am
the next blaine
haha my cousin is such a mysterious little rat ha always finds things out some how
the next blaine Report | 11/06/2008 5:44 pm
the next blaine
does he even know you at all tho? probably should of asked you that first...
the next blaine Report | 11/06/2008 12:00 pm
the next blaine
haha to be honest some of my pictures were of him I'm just to lazy to find ones of me sometimes and he kind of looks like me when he has that out of breath no expression soccer look in his face I just use his sometimes... Besides his profile so his pictures is another way of thinking it haha... And are you sure pretty sure you could scare him, I know I would
the next blaine Report | 11/05/2008 6:26 pm
the next blaine
haha well think what you like but things have a way of working out regardless of who is in office... and haha I'm not telling my cousin anything about your little facebook obsession so have fun creeping him out
the next blaine Report | 11/05/2008 5:08 pm
the next blaine
well that's true but economy probably needs it... and oh well politics on a social web site not so fun.... and yeah probably already heard it you have to remember Ryan isn't trustworthy both ways around... And yeah thats why so many people get confused when they meet us...
the next blaine Report | 11/05/2008 2:19 pm
the next blaine
Well Ryan is a big liar so.... yeah ... and pfft your friends are probably stupid because the rich kids are the ones who are going to get taxed, so I'm pretty sure that there parents voted mccain especially if thats were yourf riends get there politics from and stuff... And haha yeah the fact that Ryan attempted to tell you my last name is probably not the best thing... Yeah my last name is Hefner like the playboy relation... but yeah i guess its just really strange that my last name different from cousins I think my parents just combined there old lastnames because the didn't want to change it...
the next blaine Report | 11/05/2008 3:25 am
the next blaine
haha yeah I was trying to avoid the election thing haha, but yeah I'm an Obama supportor one of the few in my school actually.... Wich I completely don't understand considering he benefits Ohio the most...

Oh and have fun tracking him down his last name is hafner
the next blaine Report | 10/31/2008 8:20 pm
the next blaine
haha he has the same name as me... just his last name is spelled a little different and this used to be his account back in the day...
the next blaine Report | 10/31/2008 12:19 pm
the next blaine
haha forgot i told you that... Well I'm not making one because I don't want to get to destracted for classes and stuff but have fun with cousin and stuff he already on facebook
the next blaine Report | 10/30/2008 12:58 pm
the next blaine
haha yeah no.... not even going to try he'll come back on his own one day probably.... when I'm out of highschool and he has noone to talk to...

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