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Kouketsuno Rei 101

FIRST OF ALL, I AM A GIRL OF THE HOMO VARIETY and I have a rad fiance. I've actually been on Gaia since 03/23/2004, but had forgotten my password for that account after a short hiatus. Oops. I've since recovered my original name with the name change feature, but I've already gotten far on this account and I'm too lazy to transfer all my stuff and re-add all my friends. So...oh well. Don't believe me? Check out my first account: Original K_Rei

My mission is to confuse and annoy! Actually...nothing I say has a point.

The intelligence of some people on this site makes me wanna defy physics and kick myself in the face over and over. I've never seen so many stupid people ******** on one website since Myspace raped the masses. Though, do not think me a complete a*****e, cause not everyone is stupid...just a vast majority is.

I don't do anything poignant except irritate people. I hate a lot of things, too. I hate republicans, I hate religious supremacists, I hate today's anime, I hate Adventure Time, I hate the new Cartoon Network, I hate emos, I hate faux goths, I hate poser punks, I hate scene kids, I hate pop princesses, I hate Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus, I hate Disney channel actors/actresses, I hate Lady Gaga, I hate Kesha, I hate Blood on the Dance Floor, I hate Twi-fags, I hate teens and kids who wear retro game/cartoon shirts when they've never played or seen them, I hate yaoi, I hate all those "Vampire Boy/Girls Trapped in *insert location here*! Save or kill?" RPs, I hate people who think they're so dark and gothic because they have Goth Topic clothes and piles of goth CDs, I hate overbearing fantards, and...other s**t. They're stupid as hell. If'n you fall into any of these catagories, GTFO of my profile cause I probably hate you, too.

I like lighting stuff on fire. I love toast. And I LOOOOVE the GAGLARDI thread. ALL HAIL GAGLARDI, CANADIAN GOD OF WAR!

I'm all about some love, nailbats, free-style walking, and punching people in the throat...not necessarily all at once, mind you.

I ALSO SPREAD "BEE AIDS" AWARENESS. I'm all advocatey and s**t. Oooooooo.


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Duke-Phillips Report | 08/17/2009 8:36 pm
Hey there...
Duke-Phillips Report | 02/28/2009 12:03 pm
U R LEETE 360er now, U 2 COL 4 SKOOL!
Duke-Phillips Report | 01/29/2009 4:31 pm
I never thought of that... *swings buzz axe into your leg* MWUHAHAHA!
Duke-Phillips Report | 01/26/2009 1:55 am
So whats up with your avi? Bedies being badass, any thing it is based off of?
RedRoseAya Report | 01/16/2009 3:30 pm
I R LIGHT GODESS OF EEVERYTHANG! (Yes... this is Duke... I made this horrible avi... of light...)
RedRoseAya Report | 01/14/2009 11:00 pm
Duke-Phillips Report | 01/14/2009 10:59 pm
Duke-Phillips Report | 01/14/2009 10:59 pm
Duke-Phillips Report | 01/14/2009 10:58 pm
Cool beans.
RedRoseAya Report | 01/14/2009 10:58 pm


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