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my clothes over my naked self >3

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everyone should know about me >3

-Im 16
-My name is Jack
-taken<3 2-16-08
-me ish Bi
-im an emo, have a problem just dont even bother arguing. i might find you and shoot cha! twisted
-i like yaoi -w-...for some reason yuri never appeals to me...
-im a sexy playboy bunny jk
-i like to rp- yaoi, im a seme but i can mold to what ever.
-i also rp with girls so if your up for it just pm me, dont be shy ^.^
-i tend to flirt alot...well from what ive heard, but its just me... i dont mean to. ^.-
-i like miyavi! hes cool and he sings hit the road jack on a show XD... maybe thats why i like him?? XD
-i like to draw,(not too good at it though)write and go skating
- Please send me random pms and friend requests, i love em. Just try to speak with me once n a while.
OH!! if i randomly add you, dont be afraid XD i mostly go through my friends profiles and find other cool peoples my friends know.
-The movies/shows i like to watch Hellsing, naruto,fma(fulmetal alchemist). blood , papa to kiss in the dark(O.O), I my me strawberry eggs and soooo many more i cant remember.
-well i tend to wear eyeliner bcuz my friends like the way i look with it on
my best friend in the world is narakatam!(melanie) My sexy sex bear, shes really cool and i love her! well i cant say shes my best friend shes like a very very very close younger sis.i used to go to school with her and thanks to her i have a pretty good life. Thanks mel. even though you think im a total perv XD
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me and eric- heres the story, me matt and my friend eric were trying to annoy the shoppers at the store, and it worked!! XD yes eric is a year older than me but he looks a year younger X3 thats the funny thing about us Xp XD i cut my hair and tried dying it blue, but it failed i got a blue kind of tint T.T
User Image
Its me! my friends sis fixed it for me XD like it?
User Image
i found this on matts computer when i went to see him XD shhhh he doesnt know yet XD
User Image
me again trying to look sexy X3
User Image
matt before we both cut our hair
User Image if you ask me! he looks kind of funny here X3


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bored plz talk to me here!!!

im so bored talk to me? anybody?


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danseeter wheelos Report | 05/29/2011 11:56 pm
looks like you don't get on gaia anymore... crying
danseeter wheelos Report | 05/29/2009 10:34 am
Happy Birthday, dude!
also, OMG, gorgeous pics! 4laugh
iDinosaur_molester Report | 03/08/2009 12:34 am

omg your sexy xD


narakatam Report | 10/10/2008 8:50 pm
Im back b***h! >User Image jk, hey miss ya Ashley says hello
TeaCups and TopHats Report | 07/30/2008 8:28 pm
ELLOEZ!!! ^_^ i like giving random seemingly nice people random nice-ish comments!!! ^_^
stephcakex3 Report | 06/25/2008 7:45 pm
I like yer avvie.
Icrush Report | 04/28/2008 9:48 pm
when you get back on here you needs to look at my video!
Icrush Report | 04/25/2008 7:42 pm
melaine told me about what you not mad...i am a little sad but thank you for telling me!...i love you too and are chessey!...your my chesse covered love bunny!
Icrush Report | 04/21/2008 7:39 pm love you too...but i didnt know that she did make out with you...i dont mind but as long as i see you later in life and 1 more thing...this will sound weird but...dont hold her hand
loveXchrisX Report | 04/15/2008 11:25 pm
oooo harsh! look, dont keep it a secret... shell be heart broken and did youg tell her that she made out with you

^.- hey! comment on my pro! plz? X3