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A Heavy Hearted Work Of Staggering Genius

Tidbits desu.




[b:40c8cd0a80]♥ ♥ MEILI ♥ ♥[/b:40c8cd0a80]


♔ avatar art

pm me to work out payment with items or gold!

Meili art by [b:40c8cd0a80]Lurcis[/b:40c8cd0a80] - privately commissioned art, do not steal![/size:40c8cd0a80][/align:40c8cd0a80]


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I'm not on Gaia much nowadays; you're more likely to find me here. I love the SDPlus Dolls and still have a sizeable collection despite not having worked on it for months. I'm planning on selling nearly all my inventory, though - you can find my list of items to sell currently in my journal.

(maybe buying items here)
(maybe buying art here)
(selling everything listed in my journal)


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PK Flash Report | 05/21/2017 11:46 pm
PK Flash
you totally should! i have like all of them except for the animal items and the hair / eye items i dont use because of OC stuff haha. im kind of obsessed with it

maybe you can hide so you dont have to do stuff?? but just throw them at my tumblr later cause its like 1:45 am here and i needa sleep ~ w ~
PK Flash Report | 05/21/2017 11:38 pm
PK Flash
you look good tho omg??? thankfully candygloss isn't a super expensive scheme ... most of the time /still mad about the super pricey party favors exclusive that's like a tril now so i can't get a second copy

Armageddon Majesty Report | 04/18/2017 4:53 am
Armageddon Majesty
So a while ago you told me to go 'rainbow punk'. Now, I don't know about punk but I'm fairly sure I fulfilled the first half of that suggestion. rofl rofl rofl My avatar is blinding me... And I kinda like it.
D e l i r i o u s Report | 04/07/2017 1:32 pm
D e l i r i o u s
Matchy matchy~
D e l i r i o u s Report | 04/07/2017 9:18 am
D e l i r i o u s
Mine's wavy but it doesn't really kick in until around my cheeks so it's like... flatflatPOOF. Pshhh find a new hairdresser then talk2hand (jk I'm sure she's lovely but C'MON fantasy colors are fun af, it's just the bleach that's annoying) Also... boop boop here's my hair with a giant snapchat flower crown covering it. Awkward direct link from my sims tumblr because I have no updated pictures on my personal one. That was right after I got it cut and the hairdresser styled it.

HAY LOOK AT THAT BAE THEY SO FINE. Those tattoos are awesome and I'm jelly (I'm planning on getting a geometric cat head on the inside of my elbow later this year as a bday gift to myself), but yeh definitely would be hard to cover easily unless you want to constantly live in long sleeve shirts. Dermablend has excellent coverage from what I've seen but you'd probably have to import it. You may be able to get away with concealer+powder for the smaller hand tat but the lines are going to be trickier. Aforementioned friend teaches art to kindergartners there but his tattoos are mostly around his torso. So no impressionable minds ruined, lmao.

Good thing I've been saving some outfits in my closet then! I know for sure I want this one with the orange cardi but I'll take off the background before I save it so it's easier. And if you're keeping the red/black thing for a bit I'll make up a coordinating one for fun.

There fanfic of this universe? ninja Having more NPC-related items would be nice though. I know Ian and Moira have a lot, and Ivan's got all those dolls.
D e l i r i o u s Report | 04/07/2017 8:22 am
D e l i r i o u s
Yaaaas I'm so excited now! blaugh Then we can have sort-of real time conversations with ease!
And you need to get out of my brain because I was also thinking we need to get couple art.

They shoooould be in order? At least the main manga is, idk about all the side things.

That hair is adorable (and therefore so are you but that was already a given). If Beyond Royal came in teal then it'd be my hair dead on atm, and that's after a couple months of growing out my undercut. I FEEL the awkward growing stages pain. re: tattoos - A friend of mine lives in Japan now and he has a lot of tattoos around his torso; I think having them only really blocks you from some onsen nowadays, and if they're somewhere you can hide them with clothes then you should be okay for work.
D e l i r i o u s Report | 04/07/2017 7:19 am
D e l i r i o u s
Gaia really needs a way to show the comment you're replying back to orz.

Speaking of bangs/fringe, I just got them for the first time ever because my hair was constantly falling in front of my face. You had to see me the first few days after the cut- I kept moving my eyebrows around because I was so bewildered by the feeling of hair on my forehead.
See you just blame the old idea of #hoarderlife and that explains all of the items you don't use, lmao. Doesn't really solve the problem of actually selling them but y'know.

YES THEY KISSED and Edmund and Vanessa kissed and ugh, yes I love it all. At least things are finally friggan wrapping up because I left and came back like three/four years later and it was STILL ON. I really miss Gaia's plot. I don't think Meili's been in the manga since like 2011? But if they're doing more with Sen and Overseer then maybe? The unofficial Gaia Wiki lists his as deceased but I have no idea if that's canon.

Pshh maybe I wanna buy you something anyways because I love ya. Oh god yes please make a thread of some sort because I need somewhere to go hang out in! All of my old haunts are dead and I don't feel like reviving my ancient af quest thread. Most of my time has been spent either lurking around the GCD and AT or poking at people's profiles.
Armageddon Majesty Report | 04/07/2017 3:06 am
Armageddon Majesty
I'm pretty much always on the MP homepage as a home base kinda thing, refreshing, updating my store, seeing if my rare wishlist items are for sale suddenly, buying small bits and bobs, checking prices, ra ra ra, so I find a lot of my items that way! I think my wishlist is past being 'manageable' but it's fine XD

And it's been 27/28ish most of this week actually, it's been really varied, last week or the week before it was 14-17 all week! Would think it'd be warmer for you than me, what with me being sea-side and you being more north!
Armageddon Majesty Report | 04/07/2017 2:20 am
Armageddon Majesty
Oh wait I thought you meant MY hair lmao yeah this is not your hair! The Whisker Me Away is very similar though, damn! Love the asymmetrical styles heart heart
Armageddon Majesty Report | 04/07/2017 2:18 am
Armageddon Majesty
Haha yeah it's definitely not punk but it's a start - I started with the hat and the pants and then added the hair and it kinda went from there.. sorta.. I miss having 40 items on me though! rofl

Fair enough! I don't even look at the new items in the announcements these days, I just see things in the moving up/down/things you'd like etc etc sections on the MP that look interesting, things people wear, hunt through tags and that's how my wishlist blew out to the size it is now, but it's still doable!

And ha! Are you blonde though? XD


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