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ChandoBear Report | 07/28/2012 10:54 am
ONcE YOU'VE READ THE FIRST WORD OF THIS YOU CANT GET OUT. READ ON OR DIE TONIGHT AT 10:35 P.M.9 years ago a person named Jerry got dared to s......leep in a house that was belived haunted.The next day his friends waited for him out side the hous......................................................e............. They had to go inside and search for him. They went through every room exept the attic.He wasn't supposed to sleep there. He was supposed to sleep in the living room they went into the attic. They saw Jerry's corpse and they just left because they were scared. But that night they all died because of their friend. He killed the...m all for making him sleep in that house If you don't send this to 11 comments you will die tonight by Jerry. Example 1: A man named Stewart Read this and didn't believe it. He shut off his computer and went through his day. That night while he was in bed he heard something outside of his door. He got up to look. And now he's dead. Example 2: A Girl named Haley Read this in the morning and she got scared but she didn't send it. She wanted to know if it was true. She went to school (She was only 13 years old) and that night she died. If you don't post this on 11 comments tonight Jerry will 'visit' you . (Sorry, I haz paranoia razz )
The_Otakutopian Report | 04/20/2011 4:02 pm
Happy Birthday! XD
Cool new avi and profile.
FilthyLeech Report | 04/20/2011 10:32 am
happy official birthday XD
FilthyLeech Report | 04/17/2011 11:41 pm
happy early birthday >:3
A l e m a e Report | 09/23/2010 7:20 pm
A l e m a e
Lol came back Gaia. whee
A l e m a e Report | 09/18/2010 9:32 pm
A l e m a e
Blahblahblah. I got bored and came back! WOOO for teh pink! Dx not... >> heart I miss the courtyard D:
Mr Schmee Report | 09/02/2010 7:47 pm
Mr Schmee
MISS WHY AM I NOT ON UR PROFILE!!!!!!!! scream and chandler has a avi too....her name is Chandobear..... 3nodding
Dejah24 Report | 08/16/2010 3:36 pm
well i went to playlist.com and i already have a playlist but i dont no how to get it on my profile tho
II Crystal Catastrophe II Report | 08/09/2010 10:05 am
II Crystal Catastrophe II
Hmm idk I just made it connect with my Facebook and it added my friends who have a gaia razz
II Crystal Catastrophe II Report | 08/06/2010 12:02 pm
II Crystal Catastrophe II
cool avi

Watashi no Ongaku

Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.

Kotsu14 the Nintendo Nerd

Hi this is Kerran, I'm a Visual Kei obessing, cyber gothic glowsticking, noobic shuffling, anime loving, Rave-A-holic, Nintendo Nerd.
<(-^_^-)> of course that just the majors stuff. I LOVE Music and I LOVE Visaul Kei, JRock, and Techno the most.

My favorite Visual Kei Bands are Megaromania, DeathGaze, Suicide Ali, lynch., VAJRA, Lycaon, ClearVeil, Alsdead, Rentrer en Soi, and the list goes on but that's who I listen to the most. ^_^ I love me some techno and raves. There so awesome I just love going to them and just let your self go as the music runs through your body is so energizing (and not I'm not on anything >.> wink Glowsticking is the way for me right now but I hope to be able to shuffle well like a few people I know *cough cough* Hardstyle Corruption *cough cough* hehe.

I'm a Proud Nintendo Nerd (With a shirt to prove it)Dont stereotype me based on how i dress. I dress the way I feel, and listen to what i like, and act how i want because that's who I am. I'm just me and if you have a problem with who I am then I sorry but your gonna have to deal with it cause I'm not gonna change anytime soon.

YAY I finally have somewhat of a GAIA FAMILY!!! WHOOOO!!! *does a victory dance*
My Small yet the cooliest family:
Twitchey730- My Awsome kick a** sister
Liviy14s_dream_avi- My Short hehehe yet older sister
Ally- My secret lovers hehehe she's the most awesomest and cooliest friend you could ever have (yeah I know your jealous evil XD)
EmmyDannika- My Sweet Loving Daughter

I will probably add more later.
Pm me to get to know more! ^__^ or leave a comment. Comments are Good
Random Comments Even Better

Ally's Comment On Kerran: Oh wow. Where to start? This girl is sexy, sweet, loveable and totally awesome. Part of my life support all the way. Shes helped me through ups and downs. And shes behind me as i am to her. She trully has a heart of gold. Some don't get her, and sometimes she thinks she's alone, but nope. Im there with her, spirit and all. My cute little inu girl. I Love Kerran Bowie with all my heart. Do you hear that damnit?! I ******** LOVE HER!


-I L Y R I C I-
Kagayaiteru Tsuki