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Team Aqua Sucks
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Prince Yuyutsu
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Encantado Lyoda
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Cyrus Galactic
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Priya Kohli
.................>3>; -thought you ..wasnt gonna message me xD;
Priya Kohli Report | 06/29/2013 7:14 pm
Priya Kohli
I am indeed
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gaia_angelleft gaia_angelright With Creativity everything is possible! gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
Sweegets Report | 01/03/2012 3:24 pm
xD well....is Koto good? -hugs-
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-huggle- = u= how are you?~
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...<w<~ hey hey

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Oh herro dere!

My name is Kotoumi =D I would love to tell you more about myself but there's not much to know! (Oh to teh noez!) Well, it's more like I don't know enough about myself to really say anything. I was stuck in a testing tube for as long as I can remember in Otogakure until some plant guy set me free =Q Now I roam aimlessly around the ninja world causing all sorts of havoc!

ummummm I have a little buggy that lives in my head D= It makes me do bad things like kill people and burn down buildings when it gets teh rage and I don't really like it. . . I also can't make loud noises like other people. . . for some reason whenever I do destruction occurs o-o;

She's a very hyper and bubbly character whos been known to say things that might pass as odd to some people and/or dont quite make sence. She's an affection and attention seeker, and gets easily depressed if left alone or rejected. She's a very kind gentle person, only harming people when asked to by her leader or if her victim is an enemy or disliked by someone close to her. She's a little odd do to her background and doesn't understand a lot about people, but her intentions are normally, not knowing when she's doing something wrong. She doesn't like to fight, and if someone seems troubled with her she almost instantly backs down fearing they'll hate her if she defends herself.

Age: Unknown

Likes: She likes to impress people, she gets a good feeling when someone compliments her or acknowledges what she's doing. She enjoys swimming and playing in water and feels a stronger sense of power from being around it. She likes to try and do new things since she's lived her life in a small tank, and she missed out on a lot of what life had to offer. She likes to do things for people she likes even if it's small and simple things.

Dislikes: She hates and fear disappointment often punishing herself if she feels she's done something wrong. Someone who even slightly raises there voice to her she feels is lashing out at her, and will instantly back down unless she has to protect someone else. She fears all Uchiha due to her knowing that Sasuke Uchiha works closely with Orochimaru and believes they will “place her back in the tank” she was trapped in her whole life. Even talking about an Uchiha makes her teary eyed and shut down. She has serious abandonment issues, and gets extremely nervous and fidgety when left alone and needs constant attention to function.

Elements: Metal (Dominate) Water (Secondary)

She has no permanent weaponry but can forge any weapon at any time using her Metal element.

Kiseichu Kinzoku- A parasite living inside of Kotoumi giving her the rare ability to manipulate metal. Using this she can pull metallic particles from the earth and any part of her body and can even produce her own. When angered, Kiseichu Kinzoku completely takes control of her mind and body leaving her powerless in being used as a weapon of destruction. As powerful as this makes her, the Parasite has the ability to kill her at any point in time or control her, however it wants her to survive so it can keep its home. Things to make the parasite tick are her getting overly upset or emotional, her being close to death, or something of its own nature.


Metallic Shielding- The ability to produce indestructible Metal from her body.
Electrostatic Charger- The ability to charge her Metal and absorb it for energy using electric sources.
Metal Works- The ability to turn into Solid or Liquid Metal
Mech Wings- The ability to form mechanical wings in the shape of a dragonflies
Bottle Neck Effect- The ability to squeeze through any whole in liquid form
Hydrokinesis- Ability to mentally control water
Undersea Adaptation- That ability to adapt to any underwater environment
Walk on Water- The ability to walk on water
Water Empathy- Gains power from being around water

Physical Advantages: Her body has the ability to produce Acid from her blood, spit, and tears which she is immune to but could damage one of her opponents, sometimes stabbing through her can be a mistake on there part. She also has enhanced synethesia which allows her to control sound, sing any note perfectly, and can create sounds that make the earth vibrate causing destruction. Her voice can ring so high or bellow so low she can cause a person internal damage, cause the to pass out, or potentially kill them. She is also very small and light allowing her to stalk and hide better the most. Her innocent look and features make people unsuspecting of the fact shes an S-rank

Mental Advantages: She doesn't know alot having been seperated and likes life experience, but she's able to catch on quickly and make up for what she missed.

A few close relations and Magnetism. Her Sound abilities can also take out her commarades along with her victims which can be a nuisance.



Me in RL