He wakes, who never thought to wake again,
Who held the end was Death. He opens eyes
Slowly, to one long livid oozing plain
Closed down by the strange eyeless heavens. He lies;
And waits; and once in timeless sick surmise
Through the dead air heaves up an unknown hand,
Like a dry branch. No life is in that land,
Himself not lives, but is a thing that cries;
An unmeaning point upon the mud; a speck
Of moveless horror; an Immortal One
Cleansed of the world, sentient and dead; a fly
Fast-stuck in grey sweat on a corpse's neck.

I thought when love for you died, I should die.
It's dead. Alone, most strangely, I live on.

--Rupert Brooke, 1910

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Shaku Loves Kori and Draws Her Pretty Artses

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about me? i'm insane. i love kpop, hetalia, harry potter, weiss kreuz, matantei loki ragnarok, chobits, princess tutu, and ranma, and like to RP.

Odds are, I'm not going to accept random friends requests. I used to, but now I probably won't.

Note: This was keifed directly from shattering_memories, and some things were the same, so i just left 'em. sorry SM.

Name: koritsimou

Nicknames: Koryo, Eimi, Kori, Cissy, Cissa, Narcissa, braska, knuckles, Gaignun, Crawford, Omi, Harry

Age: 27! It's only been a year since I last updated my profile. Woot!

Gender: Female

Location: Virginia By The Beach, USA

Sexual Orientation: horizontal, mostly.

Hobbies: kpop, reading, writing, drawing, RPing, listening to music.

Likes: kpop, hetalia, Inception, Weiss Kreuz, Interesting and literate roleplays, good quality anime and manga, excellent artwork, the colors black and green, shiny metal stuffs ( ie. chains, blades, swords, etc. )Schuldig and Crawford, especially together..:3, Harry and Draco, always together.

Current Obsessions: Music. Unknowable amounts.

Treasured item(s): My sanity and my Schwarz posters

Current Status: single and bored

Pairing Choices: Luhan/Lay, Kris/Tao, Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Chen/Sehun, Luhan/Sehun, Minhyun/Aron, Austria/Hungary, Germany/Italy, Spain/Romano, Arthur/Eames, L/Light, Harry/Draco, Albus Severus/Scorpius, Horo/Ren, Yoh/Hao, Ahiru/Fakir, Fakir/Mytho, Omi/Nagi, Schuldig/Crawford

More will be added, eventually.

Quote of the Month:
October: "My yoo-hoo won't give me a yoo-hoo!" -- Emo_Pirate

November: "Your work here is done, now shut up!" -- The Ti Chan, to her cell phone.

December: Nothing, OMFG.


January: "I see the world coming, and I shoot at it." -- Emo_Pirate

February: "Jesus wouldn't get run over by a bus." -- Sweety

March: "...Of course, cause she's a walking mental patient, I had the upper hand." -- The Ti Chan

April:"I float, fewl 83" -- Pooka
April cont.: "It was like a ten-car pile-up on the freeway of my brain." -- Kori (yes. I'm quoting myself. *ego puffs up*)

May:"... well... there are mutant things forming colonies in our sink." -- Kori (myself again, because I didn't have paper handy when other amazing comments were made.)

June:"My Deluded Bubble of Gay which happens to be in England." -- Gandalf Kitty/Haiiro

July: "Just wait until the light goes off, because otherwise, it's still on." -- The Ti Chan

August: "...CHEESE." -- The Ti Chan

(Missed several months cause I fail like that.)

December: "NAATOM IS LIKE A PINATA OF AMAZING, and when I strike her with a lead pipe, her amazing drops onto me like rain!" -- Claddagh


January: "The Walking Undead and You: An All-Inclusive Guide To Zombie Philanthropy." -- Myself, on Zombies.

February: "...it doesnt matter how well you secured the toast..." -- Bobbacca

User Image I'm a member of the Leon Fan Club!


Koritsimou's Writings

falling into darkness with broken wings to break my fall

just random writings and scribbles by me, Kori.



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Thanks for buying!! ^_^


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OH and you don't have Aus/Hun listed as a pairing choice, OMG what's wrong with you? <33333

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Oh my God. I'm actually on Gaia again. What have you done to me? :3
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Yeaaaaah. Bah! xd
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Lmao! I'm trying to figure out how to successfully do the invisible achievement. xd
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Lol! That was extremely helpful, thank you! I've bookmarked the page. Btw,..just out of curiosity...where did you stumble across my avatar? xp
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Ohhh. How interesting! How does one even learn about these hidden achievements? xd
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Lmao! In response to your message...sure! I'm always down for making new friends. smile What is this ultimate player thing you're talking about though? Is that an achievement?

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cool avi

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not as bad as mine. i watched the Rocky Horror Picture show when i was 9 more then once >.<


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