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Screw you this is about ME!

Hi my names Salean or you can call me Bluethunder ( I prefer Iced) This is a pretty old account.. I used to be Freya58 (I think)

I am a Narutard yes I am and I admit it, Add me if you're one too, dun worry even by popular belief I don't bite you unless I'm mad.

I like to write stories (Dream to be a Manga Author) I love to draw, sing, bother adults, annoy my friends, read, and play on the computer..

I can be pretty funny and my humor is unknown to most people that I know, I've been known to be an awesome person with a whip like temper, yes I get angry very quickly.. I can be obnoxious and sarcastic, I do occasionally curse, but that only when I'm, making a statement, acting out a story, or very very mad..

I'm not you're average person, I prefer to be left alone (not on the computer though) and I'm a very intelligent, so said by many people...

I'm pretty old fashion about many things... Like dating, I say the guy has to ask the girl out not vice-versa.. My vocabulary is very large and I probably know the meaning of many many many words, cause I read more than most but its hard to find a good book these days..

I guess that pretty much it.. For now..

Here's some sites I'm on. ( read some of my stories, you decide on my writing ability..

Heres an image of what my teammate in the story looks like, Tsuki Lageana

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And heres Luke

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Kori No Iced

hmm hello every one i'm the only phoenix belive it everyone else just wants attention

Kanichiwa Welcome To My Profile ^^

Obsessed Pshh.. Okay maybe a wittle..