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So, this is KonVeger writing.(Not to be confused with KonVejer, dutch for asswiping(I had that name since 2005 TT~TT)) Decided to come back to Gaia Online to remember that my profile is a trainwreck.

Since I can't get it out of my head, I'm reworking it like they did in 'The six million dollar man'. And it's worked out. :3 I think.

I'm also a bit of an RPer, too, be it casual RP or proper focused RP.

I love Cartoons and Anime. No seriously, if you know of one, gimmie a holler about it!

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...Pff. Signatures? Who the hell needs signatures? I know I don't. Do you? Probably.

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Drink More Beer Report | 07/03/2013 4:13 pm
Drink More Beer
COME TO ME! eek eek
Drink More Beer Report | 06/26/2013 2:21 pm
Drink More Beer
Sounds like.. fun. lol
I've just got work going on. :c
Off to Uni in September though. 4laugh
Drink More Beer Report | 06/25/2013 2:52 pm
Drink More Beer
So, how are we today? c:
Tell me all the things! 4laugh
Drink More Beer Report | 06/24/2013 4:22 pm
Drink More Beer
Do I look less scary now? :c
I'm nice really! 4laugh
Drink More Beer Report | 06/23/2013 11:28 am
Drink More Beer
Make me some! User Image
Or I'll...I'll hurt you. :c
(My captcha is sneezing baby panda..)
Drink More Beer Report | 06/23/2013 11:10 am
Drink More Beer
*looks in the bowl*

You left me none! crying
You're a mean mean person. :'(
Drink More Beer Report | 06/23/2013 10:54 am
Drink More Beer
I need some! Or I may like.. faint or something. :c
Share with meeeeee! 4laugh
Drink More Beer Report | 06/23/2013 10:17 am
Drink More Beer
Eating the leftover cake mix is the best part!
Gimme some? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee? whee
Are you not taking part in the event?
I'm just walking my damn fluff. ¬¬
Drink More Beer Report | 06/23/2013 9:52 am
Drink More Beer
How are you today? 4laugh
Drink More Beer Report | 06/22/2013 10:10 pm
Drink More Beer
hey c:

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