mmm about me ... well if you can tell anything about me by my profile page that would be that i am a slightly insane person with a great obsession of Japan and anime. i love yaoi. and i proably should come with a few warning lables too (i can tell you a few if you want) ... im a morbid sadistic n kinky ...but that just makes life intersing... honesly if you have any questions about Japan, Me, &/or my art just ask =3 i wont bite ... much... im also an artist you can see some of my work over on the right hand side of my page or you can always go to my Photobucket acount "koneko-chan7" (again) ... i also love to cosplay ive been to several Nan Desu Kan conventions (and mobbed by fan girls & guys... but thats just part of all the fun) =3