Konata Izumi (泉 こなた, Izumi Konata)

* Age: 17-18
* Birthday: May 28
* Height: 142 cm (4'8" wink
* Handedness: Ambidextrous
* Zodiac Sign: Gemini
* Residence: Saitama Prefecture
* Blood Type: A
* Strong Subjects: PE (However, it is not her favorite subject)
* Disliked Subjects: Math, Science
* Favorite Food: Chocolate Cornet Bread
* Hair Color: Blue
* Eye Color: Green
* Online Name: Konakona

Voiced by: Ryo Hirohashi (Drama CD, NDS Video Game), Aya Hirano (Anime, PS2 Video Game), Wendee Lee (English)
Konata Izumi is, more by default than anything else, the "leader" of the main characters. Nicknamed "Kona-chan" by Tsukasa, she is an eccentric, but friendly and outgoing girl, with a mischievous, but good-natured sense of humor. She can be smart, but she hates studying, thus her grades are a bit uneasy. However, she is an expert in pulling an "all-nighter". In contrast to her studying habits, she loves video games, to the extent that she can compete against Kagami Hiiragi on trivia-based games. In addition, she loves anime, which is also due to her father, Sōjirō Izumi's influence, along with the games. He buys adult games for himself, so she is able to play and enjoy them. In fact, when she became eighteen, Konata was overjoyed, since she could now go buy and play ero-games legally. In the anime, Konata constantly refers to or parodies several popular games, anime, and manga (much to the annoyance of Kagami), but her favorite franchise seems to be the Haruhi series, as she has many Haruhi figurines and decorations that makes her room, once went to the Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisō with her friends, and has "Hare Hare Yukai" as her ringtone. Interestingly enough, both of her voice actresses for the animated version, Aya Hirano for the Japanese version and Wendee Lee for the English version, are in fact the same people who voiced Haruhi Suzumiya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime; other voice actors from the same series make guest appearances during the course of Lucky Star. She also seems to hold a certain amount of respect for Miyuki, since Miyuki is the only one out of her three friends whom she attaches a -san (a respective suffix to names), while she calls the Hiiragi twins plainly by name.

Since she spends quite a large sum of money on video games and dōjinshi, Konata was lucky enough to get a part-time job at a cosplay cafe. Continuing with her theme of playing video games, Konata plays the role of a male character in an online game and is married in that world. Her significant other in the game is ironically a male gamer using a female character. She often plays late into the night, hence why she tends to fall asleep in class, which makes her a frequent victim to her homeroom teacher, Nanako Kuroi.


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cool avi

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hehe timotei

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i miss you

Ryu Sugita

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Ryu Sugita

-Chuckle- Haven't seen you in a good while, Miss Izumi. ^^
I'm still a TMOHS fan, lol.
How have chu been? ~
Konata Izumi Kawaii_

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Konata Izumi Kawaii_

Wow, nice avatar. I never knew I would look good. chocolate comets rule! blaugh
Mew Berry Shiriyaki

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Mew Berry Shiriyaki

nice avatar.

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Merry Christmas Konata-chan! I got a figma figure of you this Christmas ;3 ... The hand broke off in the arm and I cried. XD Anywho, Merry Christmas and I hope it was a happy one for you!

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random post.......earnin gold.......reply if desired

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=O You have not.

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Congratulations! You have been chosen to be drawn by me as an example for my new Avi Art store! Since you're being drawn as an example, it is completely free! Please reply with your answer!
Love ya Kona-chan, hope you don't count this as spam or anything >.<


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