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Behind The Pixels

-Proffesional Fangirl
-I like to play video games
-Anime is cool
-Books are awesome and no one will tell me different.
-Tumblr Enthusiast
-Youtube lover

That should about cover everything you *need* to know about me.

I don't like males on the net... You can take this statement and digest it.

I'm addicted to shoujo manga. As you can tell I'm a huge weaboo(I prefer this term over Otaku)

I am OBSESSED with sheep, they are so cute and fluffy! I love them to the point of an unhealthy level of obsession.

I'm friendly unless someone aggravates me. I'm very shy otherwise I state my mind.

I know some pretty awesome people on this site. I'm always open to making friends, I'm just really bad at keeping conversations and I get distracted easily.

I also like lesbians in anime, yuri, and yaoi, though I prefer yuri over the two :U.

I don't really like to give out personal information. If you ask me anything don't except an answer unless it's non-personal.

I cosplay too, though I'll never post pictures :U

I'm a good student, I study a lot. Especially when I'm bored(and that's a lot with the lack of video games, anime, and manga I haven't watched.)

I'm a bit of a tomboy, although, as you can tell I like cute and fluffy things o3o

I fangirl over certain characters.
-Madoka Kaname(Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
-Oerbia Dia Vanille(Final Fantasy 13)
-Elise Lutus(Tales of Xilla)
-Rita Mortia(Tales of Vesparia)
-Nonon(Kill La Kill)
-Karuta Roromiya(Inu x Boku)
-Orianna, Lux, and Volibear(League of Legnds)
-Ruby Rose(RWBY)
-Caboose, New York(RvB)
-Kyouko Kirigi(Dangan Ronpa)
-Chiaki Nanami(SDR2)
-Chibiusa, Sailor Saturn(Sailor Moon)
-Marry(Mekakucity Actors)
-Leafeon, Dawn, Hilda(Pokemon)
-Silca(Sword Art Online)
-Mikasa(Attack on Titan)
-Kou, Rei(Free!)
-Daenrys Targeryen(Game of Thrones)
-Yoshino(Date A Live)
-Rise Kujikawa(Persona 4)
-Aigis(Persona 3)
-SeeU, Neru Akita, Lily(Vocaloid)
-Mio Akiyama, Azusa Nakano(K-On!!!)
-Kyoya Otori(Ouran High School Host Club)
-Yuno(Mirai Nikki)

And hopefully this list will continue~

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