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*I do not accept item trades. If I list it on the MP, I want pure for it
*Do not bother PMing me about an item listed for less than 2mil
*I do not give back miss-priced items, you should check before you list

Asking for an item for free or begging for donations gets you on my ignore list.

Thank you for buying!


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Received Art

This is some art I have gotten from other gaians. So far i only have one, it's from my Gaia Sister Rouzenia.

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Yes I draw also, I drew the pictures under my bio. I do draw avatars but only if I am bribed or offered a nice art trade. :>

Best Gaian Ever

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Gifts from Chukisses23
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Items I got with gold from Chukisses23
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Thank you Chu for your continuous, unconditional kind words, generosity and friendship. You are by far the most cheery and kind Gaian I have ever come across and you will always be held highly by me.

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Kolkirin is a demonic entity which embodies mortal desires, in the mortal plain he prefers to go by the shortened name, Kol. Although he is immortal, never ageing and undying, he associates himself with mortals more than demons like himself. Claiming to know and embrace the pleasures of the mortal realm, He attempts to distance himself from his plain of origin. However he still retains his demonic powers.

As a demon, Kolkirin represents envy and greed. He has a sort of bower bird obsession with the colour green which goes hand in hand with that which he represents. The powers he possesses are that of poisons and magic, using illusion, shapeshifting and summoned creatures. But do not be fooled, he does not hide behind his magic; he also possesses great strength and swiftness, but luckily for most, he usually only uses his powers to cause mischief.
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He follows no master nor does he lead others, Kolkirin prefers to be his own person, although he may be associated with other groups of demons. Being somewhat laid back and not seeming to take things so seriously, he is mostly looked on by others as a sort of outcast amongst his kin. Though do not think him a coward, regardless of what powerful entity stands before him, if Kolkirin feels he needs to, he will confront it and speak his mind despite it. But keep in mind he will not go out of his way to anger or aggravate his kin, mortals on the other hand are a different story.

Overall, Kolkirin is a relatively carefree and harmless demon unless purposely provoked. Even though most catagorize him as such, he's not evil ... but that doesn't necessarily mean he's "good" either.

This is I

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[Please don't steal my avatars (or art). I put a fair bit of effort into them to try and make them original, so it's pretty discouraging to see someone just blatanty use them without permission. ^^;
If you want to know the name of an item I am wearing, just ask.]


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Chukisses23 Report | 12/25/2016 12:22 am
heart Just me as usually biggrin Happy Birthday hope you have wonderful on your Christmas day ^_^ Merry Christmas
Chukisses23 Report | 03/04/2015 1:59 pm
When you will be back biggrin
Chukisses23 Report | 12/25/2013 11:22 pm
heart Happy Birthday to you my dear, and I miss you too smile crying
Chukisses23 Report | 10/02/2013 11:25 pm
Heyy, I miss you dearly and I know you are busy so I am too lol hope get hear from you soon whenever you got free time biggrin take care
Chukisses23 Report | 03/03/2013 3:06 pm
ahh Now I see why, That's ok study hard lol xp I am doing good just move new place but this time is small place better than nothing hahaha as long live under roof
ah hey what think about of my new avatar? is there that need anything to add? ah I feel so rolleyes any one better than my avatar sweatdrop
Chukisses23 Report | 02/20/2013 9:41 am
wow new pet, ah now you are mine pet *pat* good boy razz
Chukisses23 Report | 02/11/2013 5:01 pm
oh nono please don't cry that not so you lol heart just notice your avi I was like oh no why he crying haha xp
Chukisses23 Report | 02/07/2013 5:08 am
4laugh Thank Kol heart but my avi still unfinished I think 2 or 3 missing that I want it from in market they sell high price and I am poor LoL
Chukisses23 Report | 02/06/2013 4:27 pm
Ah that real nice avi there you got it great taste heart LoL
x Jessicahh x Report | 02/06/2013 12:49 am
x Jessicahh x
LOL yeshh XD heart