About me, eh? Well here, have some facts:

1) I like to write. A lot. It's easily one of my favorite hobbies and modes of expression, especially since I fail at drawing. IT'S ALL I HAVE. I might not be the best at it, but I fancy myself to be pretty good and mostly articulate with words. Either way, it's fun for me and I know SOME people like it so...that's all that matters, right?

2) Incidentally, I like to RP. Mostly because it's like writing a story, but with other people. I like RP as much as straight writing (if not more), because of the interaction, and of that slightly unknown factor... After all, you can know the plot, but you don't always know what the characters will do. THAT'S what makes it fun.

However, I don't frequent Barton Town very much. After seeing the billionth Inuyasha/Naruto/Hogwarts/Dark Forest/Wolf RP, I realized most people there have no creativity and limited literacy. I prefer original, literate, semi-advanced/advanced RPs, please. Pity there are so few out there that aren't private.

If you wanna RP with me, don't be shy and hit me up. I'm always lookin' for RP. If you have decent spelling and grammar, I'll probably be interested. A good plot idea is a plus.

3) Much like Dodongo dislikes smoke, I dislike organized religion. I don't dislike the people who do like it and partake in it, though. As long as you aren't preaching to me, or telling me I'm gonna go to hell, we'll be fine. But if you do...I will be compelled to destroy (or at least throw into tumult) your entire belief structure. And nobody wants that.

I put my faith in science, and I'm proud of that. But when you're taking nothing but science classes...you tend to lean that way XD But as George Bernard Shaw once said "We have not lost faith, but we have transferred it from God to the medical profession."

4) I don't like much animu :< Sry guyz. I will watch some anime. Bebop was pretty rad, man. Outlaw Star was pretty good too. But when I watch anime, I'm not pouncing it because 'ZOMG IT'S JAPANESE AND THEREFORE MUST BE GOOD', I'm watching it because it has a plot and characters that appeal to me. The same reason I watch anything else.

I think a lot of anime is overrated too. It gets hyped by the media and people eat it up because it's foreign and exotic. Naruto is overrated. Bleach is overrated. Inuyasha is overrated. Not saying they aren't decent, but they are overrated.

Also, if one more person tells me Neon Genesis Evangelion is the best anime EVAR, I may have to stab you. With my text. It is NOT the best anime or animated feature of all time. It's mediocre at best. AT BEST. Mostly, it just...fails.

5) I...am addicted to the B/C forum. I know, you're like 'dude why are you spending your precious virtual munnies on drawings you pretend are your pets? That's kind of gay'. Truth is, it is kinda gay. But I don't really care. Really, think of it as RP with visual aides of your character/character's pets. Honestly, some of the best RP I've had has been in the B/C forum. If you can find the right shops (specifically, the RP required ones that demand decent para RPs- and there are a lot of those), the RP is AMAZING. So there.

Don't agree with any thing that's been said here? No one's asking you to :> I'M JUST SAYIN', GUYZ. (PS- I still love you all <3)



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/Killed by Death

Mostly a place to shove my pets, prezzies, and announcements. Very no-frills and uninteresting, but extremely useful for reference :3


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The Princess Bear

Report | 07/04/2016 6:39 pm

The Princess Bear

I miss yoooou (my aim hasn't worked in forever but I love you).
The Princess Bear

Report | 01/19/2012 8:52 pm

The Princess Bear

I'm the worst friend ever. Happy birthday, Bear!
The Princess Bear

Report | 08/04/2011 10:44 am

The Princess Bear

Also, I've been calling you Bear since 2007. They need a bear emoticon. I would post it on your profile every day. Well...whenever I got on Gaia. Like once a month. Once. xp
The Princess Bear

Report | 08/04/2011 10:42 am

The Princess Bear

Still owning your profile herr. heart
The Princess Bear

Report | 08/03/2009 8:25 pm

The Princess Bear

You need more comments.

I love you, Bear! =]
The Princess Bear

Report | 05/28/2009 9:41 pm

The Princess Bear

My first account is your number 2 friend and my current account is your number 2 comment. ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING?
Wuv you Bear.
The Princess Bear

Report | 10/10/2007 3:47 pm

The Princess Bear

"God just because a sailor takes me to a hotel you have to assume the worst thing!" Haha I love you, Bear!<3

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nice dress!!! lol <3


Koko is: slowly rolling back to action. Let's hope, this time, I can stay on top of stuff..
Fffff zombie love <3

The universe doesn't care what you believe. The wonderful thing about science is it doesn't ask for you for your FAITH, it just asks for your EYES.[/size:03d5aec53c]